Twilight returns x

Renesme entering the world as a half vamp half human , what It's like being imprinted by a werewolf


1. Imprinting

It's hard learning to live as a vampire when your still part human, the cravings are unexplainable and at the smell of blood​ you follow. I am Renesmee Cullen my father Edward Cullen and my mother Isabella Cullen.

My friend Jacob , he made a promise to look after me for as long as he can, the strange thing is i think I love him...

He takes care of me some how I think he's different, I know he's a wolf but he's not like the others they kill, he has a kind heart. My thirteenth birthday is coming up, well I grow faster than other babies do I'm supposed to be 8 really but my parents think i should have a better suited age to me.

My mom wants another baby soon a boy this time though, because she's a vampire now it won't kill her i like almost did!

I don't know when but I need to see Jacob,


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