He is the one

Olivia is a teenage girl that had been adopted by a horrible and mean family but one day she decides to run away and she is homeless for a couple of days.One day she bumps into a really cute guy called Niall will he change her life forever?


1. the past

Olivias P.O.V

Im Olivia and i really hate the life am living. I wish i could be back at home with my real mum but i cant because she went on holiday and left me home alone for 3 weeks when i was a baby.One of the neighbours who knew my mum had gone could hear me screaming next door.She was woundering what was going on so in the morning she knocked at the door, no answer she knocked again,no answer so she used her spare key and came in to find me laying on the sofa asleep.She knew what my mum had done was very very wrong and she should of taken me with her but my neighbour had no choice but to call scocil services and they rang up my mum and told her that they were taking me away.

I was in a care home for about 14 years then i got adopted and i have been here for a year and im dreading it.When i heard i could be getting-adopted only if i wanted to-I was really excited and couldnt wait to have a real family, but where I am now isnt all happy and friendly, infact nobody gets along they are always shouting and they have a horrid house we dont even have proper beds amd our pillows are made of newspaper well mine are anyway i dont know about everyone else because they never let me out my room.Im stuck in here all day and the windows are locked so i cant escape and the doors are locked.

I only have a tiny bit of breakfst a day its usually like 1 saussage and then i have dinner which is usully soup and if i lucky i get bread to! I always starve in the days with nothing to do.I have no phone or laptop so i cant get in contact with my friends from the carehome, or the carehome itself to come and help.

My room is tiny all it has in it is a matress with some newspaper as a pillow.I have no waldrobe so i can get changed and when i have to use the bathroom someone has to come and make sure i dont escape.Then i go straight back in my room again.Its so boring i usually just sit at my window and watch all of the happy children playing around outside(oh what i would do just to have a bit of freedom).

Most days i sit in my room and cry because of my life sometimes i even self harm because i dont even see the point in being here if im just going to cry and be depressed all my life.I have scars all up my arms and at the top of my legs.I know it is wrong to self harm but i cant help it i just hate being here all i want is a family who loves me not one that treats me like dirt and locks me in a room all day.When I was little i always used to plan my future in my head.If i had taken that road i would be still living with my mum and be going to college or school and be driving and a boyfriend who made me happy.



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