He is the one

Olivia is a teenage girl that had been adopted by a horrible and mean family but one day she decides to run away and she is homeless for a couple of days.One day she bumps into a really cute guy called Niall will he change her life forever?


2. one day

Olivias P.O.V

One day i was sitting in my room crying-like i usually do.Then i really needed to go to the bathroom so i shouted at the top of my lungs for someone to come up and unlock me outof my room and let me go into the bathroom.About 20 miniutes later one of the sisters came up and unlocked the door.

"thank you" i politely said to her.

"Oh shutup!" she rudely replied.

When i went into the bathroom i found a huge metel batton i didnt know what it was called so i stuck it up my sleeve and was going to smash the window open and escape...

When i came out the sister grabbed me by my ear and pushed me into my room and locked the door.I had to wait until everyone went out until i could smash the window and escape.I had it all planned out in my head, I was going to climb out the window jump onto the shealter that goes over the front door and go back to the care home i used to be at and tell the workers all what had happend to me and hopefully they will let me stay there until i can get adopted again and have a happy life not a horrible one like the on i had now. Or, maybe i could find my mum and i could live with her again! wait.. I would never be able to becauseof what she did to me

I started to pack all of my things away i didnt have much because the family i have now chucked loads of it away i managed to get some of it back but not alot.I packed it all away in a bag and sat there and waited until everyone went out.

I fell asleep on the mattress with my bag unti i was woken up by the sound of a car. I got up and looked out of my window and it was the car pulling out of the drive.Finally,this was my chance to escape! I waited until the car had left the street and nobody was outside my house.I grabbed the metel batton and i smashed the window.

I grabbed my bag and put it on my back.I put one leg put of the window followed by the other.Soon i was standing on the roof.Luckly nobody was watching and i slowly climbed down.I jumped down onto the bit of shelter that was covering the front door.I was not that high up anymore.Suddenly my foot slipped because it had been raining and I fell onto the ground. I had really hurt and ankle and my arm. My head and my knees where bleeding alot.But i couldnt let the pain stop me from escapping. I got up I was in so much pain and I tried to ran as fast as i could but the pain kept getting bader and bader but i kept on going.When i got to the care home I had seen that it had been shut down and i  diddnt know where it had moved to.It was time for plan B. I ran to the nearest police station and i went to ask the police officers for help.When i got there i went to the front desk and there was a sign saying "gone for a break be back at 2" well it was 1 now and i could not wait for that long.There was nothing else i could do so i strolled out and i saw a park so I went in there and sat on a bench to rest my knee. A blonde haired boy saw me and he came over.

"Oh my god are you ok!" he said to me.

I turned around to see who it was and it was a boy with blonde hair and the most gorgeous blue eyes!

"no not really" i replied.

"why what happened"

"long story short,i lived with a family and they where horrible to me so i climed out the window and fell and landed on the ground"

"we have to get you to a hospital you look really hurt"

"no really im fine i just need to rest thats all"

"no im taking you to a hospital"

"ok but i cant walk and i cant drive eaither"

" well, i will just have to carry you then"

"oh...ok then" He gave me a piggy back and power walked to the nearest hospital.

" oh and im Niall by the way"

"Im Olivia"

"well nice to meet u Olivia"

When we got to the hospital wewere waiting for over 2 hours! It didnt fell like that tho because me and Niall were just talking and time flew by! Then my name was called and I had to go in and Niall came with me.


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