He is the one

Olivia is a teenage girl that had been adopted by a horrible and mean family but one day she decides to run away and she is homeless for a couple of days.One day she bumps into a really cute guy called Niall will he change her life forever?


3. hospital

Nialls P.O.V

I really hope Olivia is ok, I dont even know her but i think i really do like her!  It felt like love at first sight...

I never really belived i that, I had always thought how could it be true you cant just fall in love with someone after you have just seen their face, i mean tthey could be a horrible person,they could be very dodgy or be is some type of gang.But from the moment I looked into Olivias sparkling blue eyes i knew that she was not like that and that she was very nice and very kind.

When we was called into the room i carried Olivia into the room and the doctor took some xrays and he stiched up the big cut on the side of her head. It looked like she was in alot of pain because blood was still pouring down and tears were falling down from her red eyes.After she had been stiched up she went into another room and had Xrays done i was not aloud in there thought I wonder what happened I wonder if she was ok.What if she had broken both ankles and couldnt walk and had to be in a wheel chair! What would she do and where would she go because I know nothing about her will she go back with her real mum,the horrible family she lived with or will she go back into care.It would be a shame though because I want to still know Olivia she seems like a really nice girl.She is also one of the most beautiful girls ive ever seen.I really want her to meet Liam,Louis,Harry and Zayn they would think she is lovely

Finally Olivia came out...

"what happned are you ok?" I asked her.

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