He is the one

Olivia is a teenage girl that had been adopted by a horrible and mean family but one day she decides to run away and she is homeless for a couple of days.One day she bumps into a really cute guy called Niall will he change her life forever?


4. a broken ankle :(

Olivia P.O.V

As i came out of the room Niall was still sitting there in the chair.

"Are you ok" he asked, he sounded quite worried to me

"Well yeah kind of....well.....no ive broken my ankle and my face is still stinging me"

"Oh no! well you will be better soon...hopefully"

"Well thank you anyway for taking me here but i really need to go home"

"What are you mad!!! u cant go home,you will just get abused again!!!"

"Well I will just find shelter for a couple days and then il just figure something out"

"no im not just leaving you arfter what happened with your mean family and im not letting you just be homeless with no food you will die! im just gonna take you home with me and u can sleep downstairs or something"

"awwww Niall thats really sweet but i cant do that"

"yes u can and you will"

Niall took me to his house.It was really nice from the outside.It was really sweet of him to do this but I did fell quite bad because I dont even know him (well I do know who he is heis Niall Horam from one direction!) and he didnt know me so, it would be really weird if I just slept there.



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