The beanie

This is a harry styles fan fiction/ story of a girl they fall in loved both young stars will they drift away from each other due to Harry's exs and media drama or will it make them stronger ?


7. photoshoot

I was at my very first photoshoot . I was looking in the mirror my hair was curled and clipped to the side I was wearing a black training bra with red lipstick and the trending smoky eye look I had really long fake dramatic eyelashes even thought mine are already long . I had on grey sweats and l.a sad earlier that he wasnt sure if the training bra thing was gonna work because I'm a D cup and it may show to much and be counted as child pornogoraphy . But it showed enough without my whole boob being out . I smiled and walked out into the place where the photographer was and sat on the big fluffy white thing I was supposed to sit on . 

I lied down on it my feet in the air my arms supporting my head I smiled . 

' Good now give me sexy but mysterious' the photographer said 

'I dropped one of my hands and let my head rest fully on the other then I turned slightly so he could get a side shot then I did my weird but others called it sexy thing with my eyes I squinted them slightly then looked to the side the camera kept flashing I waited till it died down a bit for me to sit up and put my hands in my lap and throw my head back slightly then do my eye thing again . Camera flashed . We finished the photo shoot around 12:00 . 


****** / next day / 


I woke up the next day and went straight to the shower I put on some comfy jeans and a blue shirt my brown eyes flicker fully open when I heard a loud knock on the door I put on some soft blue flats and walked to the door they kept knocking ' coming ' I yelled theni grabbed my phone and purse and headed to my driver . I have my lincese but he still takes me everywhere because l.a told him to . In the car I went on my new iPhone 5 and went to Facebook I read the comments : 

Kiara Brown :Can't wait for the single 

 ThereWS also some comments telling me some guy named harry styles has a crush on me . And that they ship Hekka and that we should date . Then the car came to a stop and I looked up logged out we were at the place where we took the pictures . We walked inside and we looked at all the photos we chose the one where I was sitting down . 



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