The beanie

This is a harry styles fan fiction/ story of a girl they fall in loved both young stars will they drift away from each other due to Harry's exs and media drama or will it make them stronger ?


4. Look

I am with my stylist and we are talking about my look her and l.a agree on my look which is good . She's really nice and shes 18 I made a new friend in her . If you ever saw her you would think she's a model and she's single still boys call her maybe ? No ? Okaii .... 

' So let me show you a section with designer crops designed by my clothing line ' Samantha / my stylist / said with a satisfied grin 

' Okay 'I said and followed her to the section of a rack filled with crop tops she grabbed three one was a plain red with a red leather skirt ' one was pink cotton and a soft black pencil skirt to match and the last was a blue light with daisy dukes . i handed her the daisy dukes back and told her I don't wear shorts that short she handed me another pair that was a few inches longer i smiled . She just nodded towards the door that was labeled fitting room . I already knew that they can fit my doctor says that I can't gain weight because I have a very low metoblisom which is good for me so I can still look fit and eat everything and I do love my food . 

I went into the fitting room first tried on the soft pink outfit and of course it fit like a glove and I walked out in it like a runway model I stopped when I got to Samantha the second time . 

' Amazing this is totally gonna be your outfit for your first interview tommorow .' 

'It fits amazyn and it totally shows off your figure perfectly ' she continued and smiled . 


**** / studio /                       x2

                                    You shouldn't have left me 

                                    Caused baby now I'm gone . Yhuuuuuuuuuu shouldn't have lefttt meee

Ifinishe the chorus it was weird having them film me while I'm recording in the studio that's why Im glad I wore a pink t shirt with black jeans at least its not my usual tattered black too big tee with the Beatles in a faded picture and  my gray sweat pants my hair was in an messy bun . I tried oh well . I finished the song and l.a did a hand gesture that he does to tell me that were done and that I can come out of song booth . I walked out and the man the the camera smiled at me like I was Beyonce . 


'Okay I think we have a good amount of footage were just gonna use the two lines in the end ' 

' Okaii ' l.a said  

After the man left I asked ' why was he filming me anyways ' I asked 

' For the video single twisters '  



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