The beanie

This is a harry styles fan fiction/ story of a girl they fall in loved both young stars will they drift away from each other due to Harry's exs and media drama or will it make them stronger ?


6. interview

I was in my dressing room getting my makeup done for my first interview . We decided to use the pink crop top after my hair and make up I looked in the mirror my hair was wavy and I had soft pink lipstick and smoky eye black eye shadow i was super nervous usually I would bite my nails but their acrilic . I walked out and gave the interviewer a hug it was a tall woman with stringy black hair and red lips I smiled at her and sat down . 

' okay everyone give a warm and loud welcome for Rebekka Rameria L.As new recording artist .' 

After a loud applause and small hearing problem I smiled and said ' thank you for having me ' 

'so you just moved from Puerto Rico let's talk about that first ' she said 

' yes um its very different from America i miss my mom and my dad they said that I can live here and their gonna visit every month for a week . '

' do you like it ?'

' yes .I've only been here for a little more than 3 weeks ' I said 

' and I know that a lot of people are wondering are you single ' she asked I blushed 

' yes I am for now ' i sighed 

' well that's good for now since you can focus on your new single that's about to get leaked . Let's talk about that   

' yea well the singles gonna come out in two weeks I'm so super excited we've been recording for a few weeks now and yeah I'm just super excited ' we watched a sneak peek of my single twisters and then I left I went home and called my dad today we havent been as busy as I usually am he answered and after a few more tears from them I hung up and took a shower I just stood there in the shower for a few minutes and let the hot water unlock my knotted joints . Then I bathed when I was done I wrapped a towel around me then I walked into my room and dropped the towel I had on a black training bra and undies I put on a pair of shorts with a picture of a nerd in glasses that says smile and laid down and drifted off . 



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