The beanie

This is a harry styles fan fiction/ story of a girl they fall in loved both young stars will they drift away from each other due to Harry's exs and media drama or will it make them stronger ?


1. Hoodie

I Was just a girl an innocent girl i got good grades the betterI was a virgin I only kissed one person ever and it was only a peck . Then fame took over me and it all changed . I was a silly sixteen year old girl and I asked the fair committee if I could sing their my dream was to be a professional singer . I thought it would be a fun start . So guess who comes to my performance l.a. Reid ! I know right so after 12:00 I'm going to take a break and l.a. walks up to me and says l.a. and you are I tell him my name {rebekka} and he says 

" Star potential act and name whats your last name ?"

" Ramaria " i say simply tingling inside 

He smiled " Well Rebekka maybe you should go get your parents so we can talk aboit ypur future " 

I grinned " are you pulling one down on me i asked 




A/N :Hi guise I know short right an also cliffffffffhanger . Don't cha just hate those ? This is my first novella like ever so I knope you like it :-) Byee 









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