The beanie

This is a harry styles fan fiction/ story of a girl they fall in loved both young stars will they drift away from each other due to Harry's exs and media drama or will it make them stronger ?


3. Fly Away

As soon as we got to the airport my dad was in tears mumbling under his breath the words * what did I do to diserve this * I bit my tounge trying not to laught my dad was protective he was to protective I want go to the us and bring out my inner self I'm talking all crop tops and training bras as my look . He always made me act innocent but on the inside I wanted to wear crop tops and be sexy . Boys in my school try to sudece me I think.that is why my dads so protective . 

We bordered the jet after many tears and promises to call asap .

***** ~ ten days later ~ 

We were discussing my look they cut my hair an inch and agreed to my crop tops and training bras look they thought it was a good idea l.a said I have sex appeal and it would help with male fans he also said I needed to be involved in modeling to show me off and that I would be a good model . After I told them about my acting dreams and my need for a future scent for myself I went home . 

At home me and my mom spent some quality time together and then my dad calls me he says : Why haven't you called in three hours ? He asked as soon as I put the phone to my ear 

"Well sorry dad its just that I've been In a meeting for the last four hours and I can't promise to call every three hours I'll only get busier and busier as my career grows" I told him I can't believe how he is sometimes . 

" Right yeah , sorry honey I just forget sometimes . I'm really sorry about that I can't seem to get it in my head that your busier than usual . " He sighed we talked , I forgave him , he hung up . Me and my mom watched some comedy-reality TV shows . 



*********** ( five days later ) 

So today I wrote a song called " You Shouldn't Have Left Me " and l.a loved it he took me to a studio and I was singing into the microphone . Later today I'm gonna  meet with my stylist and she was gonna go shopping with me from her catalog . L.A has yet to introduce me to any famous people except Justin Timberlake my massive crush / icon , he wants to be my mentor but we haven't signed with him yet . I finished the song and stepped out of the recording studio . 

"That was amazing " L.apraised  


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