The Diary of a Lexi

Hey so my mom said I should start a diary to get out my feelings and all that shit. I didn't want to get a real one cuz people can steal it and ruin my life. And all the people on this site don't know me so who cares right? Alright, here goes nothing.


3. October 13, 2013

Dear Diary,

It's day three of my four day weekend. I slept in until 10 and I have to say I'm feeling pretty refreshed. The first thing when I do when I get up is check my Instagram. It wasn't that bad, just a few hate comments. I don't mind them anymore, they don't matter and I know the truth. I'm pretty damn awesome. 

We didn't do much today either. My dad was off, so that meant work. By working outside, he meant getting rid of summer. I deflated the pool floats while he moved the unused grills and picnic table onto the porch. Everyone else on our street had these items, so god forbid we don't. I don't think I've had a grilled hamburger or hotdog in three years. What was my mom doing? Smoking a cigarette and listening to Miley Cyrus' new Bangerz cd on repeat. Don't ask me why my dad thought it was a good idea to get her a ipod for Christmas last year. 

That took about two hours, and I was drenched in mud after that. Stupid hose. But it was ok because I had my own spa day. I filled up the tub and put tons of bubble bath in it, give or take a few tons. Then I shampooed my legs, shaved them, and painted my nails. I went for a rainbow look, hoping it would brighten my mood.

It didn't. All because my dad went out again. I thought he was changing, guess not. This time Bryan was kicked out of his mom's house, so they went for a drink. So now I'm stuck alone with my mom. It wasn't that bad, I mean we watched Mean Girls, fought, took a look at Ebay, fought, Bought a new phone case off of Amazon, and fought again after that. I ended up here. Don't get me wrong, to you, but it's not really my thing. Jackie and Racheal went to the beach together so I'm stuck alone. Sitting in my room sucks, so I decided to take Oliver for a walk. We went twice around the block, and my feet were aching. So when I went home my mom was all excided.

Apparently my brother Ed is coming home. I have two brothers, Matt and Ed. Matt's in college and Ed's in the military. Whenever Ed comes home, so does Matt. My mom acts like her non-drunk self, and my dad stops being all business like. They like Ed and Matt more than they like me. They are all normal around them, but once they leave, it's back to being the drunk, uncaring parents they truly are. Ed doesn't care much for me, but Matt does. He's super over protective and will beat up any guy I talk's a gift and a curse. So I guess I'm excided for Matt to come home...not so much Ed though.

And my mom cooks this huge meal. This time she's cooking turkey. By the way, I never did get the meatloaf. I ended up having a TV dinner. Anyway, there's going to be turkey and a bunch of Thanksgiving stuff. Yay, not.

So byeee, I'll keep you posted. 



Just another Lexi

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