The Diary of a Lexi

Hey so my mom said I should start a diary to get out my feelings and all that shit. I didn't want to get a real one cuz people can steal it and ruin my life. And all the people on this site don't know me so who cares right? Alright, here goes nothing.


2. October 12, 2013

Dear Diary,

Today was a pretty normal day. My dad worked all day and then went out to hang out with his friends Dave and Bryan. Dave is too coversational and Brian's pretty normal, but a bit annoying since his divorce. He's always at my house stinking up the place with a bay smell-coming from the crabs he brings that my dad and him are addicted to. I swear they could eat them for 10 hours straight. Crab cakes, casseroles, and just plain crab meat disgusts me. 

Around lunchtime my new friend, Jackie, and I went to the mall. We were picking up Halloween costumes. This is the first year I'm not going with Star and to be honest I'm really sad about it. It's a tradition, and now it's ruined by some false assumpsions. But whatever, this year I'm going as some 50's chick with a ruffled dress, black and white wig, and knee socks. I guess it's cool, but not the best.

Ryan Johnson, now his costume is cool. It's a simple zombie, with a twist. He has this machine thing that squirts blood everywhere, which is gross, but still awesome. Ryan is the captain of the football team, and a total heartthrob. I mean I guess he's cute, but some of the sluts go all out. They won't leave him alone! 

Anyway, so after the mall we went to Five Below. I love that place, it has the best stuff! We got a bunch of nail polish for our costumes, because I usually wear fake nails. Plus, we got a basket for a school project we're working on together. But I don't feel like talking about that now. I don't have school until Tuesday.

It's all because of teacher in-services. There was also on on Friday, which means four day weekend! It's going by so fast! I've been laying in bed for the remainder of the day. Mom says she's even making meatloaf tonight, yeah right. She always says stuff like that and expects us to believe her. News flash; I've never had a home cooked meal since I was nine. And I'm 17. 

 I swear I would totally move out if it wasn't for my dog Oliver. He's a bishon and the cutest dog on Earth. Right now he's snuggling up to me as I'm righting this. Ugh, I love him so much. I can really count on him to be loyal. Unlike some people. But I'm not going to go into that. 

So I think I'm done for today. Tomorrow I'll tell you if I ever got meatloaf. Hah. Byee



Just another Lexi

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