If I were only able to grasp your hand, I would never let go.
If I could caress your cheek, then finally you'd know.
That no matter what, I'd always be here.
Loving you hopefully while you shedded a tear.
But then when I lost my grip, all would fall.
And I couldn't be loved after all.


8. Chapter 3

I shouldn't of been worried, there was no reason to be. I was just simply not seeing her for two days - it shouldn't of been a problem.

But yet my brain was going through countless panic attacks as all kinds of scenarios began in my head, so many stupid, pointless, dreadful scenarios that I couldn't believe to be true.

Until she called.

She was calling me in before our dead line, saying it was urgent, telling me not to worry.

Yeah right, as if that was going to happen.

She told me not to hurry, to stay calm, to trust her. But yet I sped down the road and sprinted into her room.

I was disobeying her wishes; but she had lied to me.


I stared at her, confused as she stared back, the chocolate in her eyes melting and being replaced with cold stone. I wanted answers, I wanted her to tell me she was going to be alright - we would be alright.

All she granted me was, "I'm sorry."

This only panicked me further, the scenarios nearing too close to reality.

"Say something, Soph. Please; tell me."

"I, I..." She stopped, lost for words again - unsure on what she was to do, to say. "I'm going to die, Harry."

My whole world imploded.

"What? Sophia, no, we can fix this - I promise I - "

"The doctor says I have two days, Harry. This is it, it actually is the end."

My world crumbled to it's end, fighting it's way to it's destruction.

"No, Sophia!" He replied, his volume increasing, "It can't be - I won't let it!"

"But, Harry, I - "

"No!" I cried out in desperation, all my dreams with this girl shattered. But it only made it worse; she began to cry once again. "No, Sophia, you're not going to die. I'm going to do all I can to save you - everything has changed since I met you, everything is somehow brighter! I'm not going to let you die, Sophia, because I love you."

I told her. I told her those three words that could change everything, only it was too late for us. We were both gone; everything shattered as nothing but the reflection dared to watch.

And then as our eyes met and our hands grasped each others in a tight grip, before she whispered, "Until we meet again, Harry. Until we meet again."

Then she closed her eyes and fell to the floor, me unable to catch her as I fell with her, my own salty tears spilling down my face.

My Sophia was gone, lost in this world of chaos and tears; lost until I did eventually join her; until she finally woke up from her dreamless sleep.

Until we meet again.

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