If I were only able to grasp your hand, I would never let go.
If I could caress your cheek, then finally you'd know.
That no matter what, I'd always be here.
Loving you hopefully while you shedded a tear.
But then when I lost my grip, all would fall.
And I couldn't be loved after all.


7. Chapter 2

I would of never of classed myself as 'repetitive.' But that's exactly what the nurses said to me, on my way back to visit her; to see her.

Maybe this was a mistake.

But a beautiful mistake, a beautiful soul lost in it's world of chaos. In fact, I couldn't lead myself to believe it was a mistake at all. But I still lingered outside for a few minutes, unsure what I should do.

Until I heard her give that small, small cry.

It was enough to send me running in, to notice that she was falling...

And somehow in what I swear was a split second, I caught her. Unsure, worried, confused but safely in my arms, seeking her way out. But I kept my grip firm.

"Are you okay, Soph?" I asked her as she frantically nodded her head before she seemingly realized  about her paper creations. But she was going to go nowhere. "Go lay down," I ordered as she finally obeyed, "I'll get your cranes."

And with that she started to fold them again while I picked up each tiny yet colourful crane while I watched carefully out of the corner of my eye.

I wasn't going to lose her, she was going to remain safe.

A while later, she began to hum a song; our song: moments. So I joined her melody with my voice, each part joining together in harmony so easily. Like it was with each other, we just couldn't help it all - our connection.

And it was only when visiting hours were over did I dare to speak our promise, "Until we meet again, Sophia Bell. Until we meet again."

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