If I were only able to grasp your hand, I would never let go.
If I could caress your cheek, then finally you'd know.
That no matter what, I'd always be here.
Loving you hopefully while you shedded a tear.
But then when I lost my grip, all would fall.
And I couldn't be loved after all.


3. Chapter 2

I was truly and utterly lost.

I battled the raging oceans of my dreams as my cranes flew about, dancing in the sky. I desperately tried to catch my beautiful creations, leaping to catch them as the wind picked up. I clawed at the sky as the thunder clattered, shooting all my cranes - all the hope - down dead into the ocean. Then it clattered again, it's roar terrifying from miles away as I became only to aware of how heavy my eyes were; how all the hope is lost; how easy they are to close; how easy it is for it all to end now...

Caught tangled in filmy sheet, my eyes lifted open - thankful to see light after a horrific nightmare. Then my eyes regained their vision - unthankful to see all eight hundred and forty two cranes scattered across the floor.

It was enough to make my fragile body cry, heaving at the effort of being tossed around as fresh tears cascaded heavily down my cheeks.

It was the sight of all my heavenly cranes thrown on the floor, many crumpled as they seemingly reached up longingly towards the sky. The sight of my effort and hope being thrown away by my own, oblivious self as I dreamed so vividly of their destruction. Of my death. It was the sight of it all that made my body shake so violently as the silent tears poured unwelcome down my cheeks. It showed how vulnerable I really was.

Shakily, I removed my self from the covers as all my strength deserted me when I needed it most; when I was on the brink of collapsing from grief. All the same, I placed my palm behind me on the thin mattress as the other gripped onto the bed post - my only support as I very carefully pulled my self up, into a sitting position. The numerous wires attached to me limited my movement very much so but it was enough to move to reach the cranes, left discarded on the floor. Swinging both of my legs over to the side of the old hospital crib, my feet touched the floor and I ever so slowly moved inch by inch to reach down lower to grasp a crane. It took me minutes to bend not even near enough to pick up the closest one but my cranes had to be retrieved.

All eight hundred and forty two of them.

I was edging slowly closer, slowly nearer to just a tiny fragment of my aim. But then in one petrifying split second, I was falling fast to the floor.

Only to be caught in the strong grip of someone's arms. Someone's arm which yielded hands that seemed so perfectly meant for my own. I looked up to see Harry, worry printed on his face as he scanned every inch of me while I just gazed into his eyes.

"Are you okay, Soph?"

I nodded my head frantically but then realized once again.

My cranes.

I suddenly jumped away to reach for my cranes but Harry was quicker; he wasn't going to lose his grip on me.

"Go lay down," He instructed before I followed obediently, "I'll get your cranes."

Then ever so carefully, he bent down to pick up all eight hundred and forty two cranes individually while I folded even more.

Eight hundred and forty three, only one hundred and fifty seven to go.

I folded crane after crane while Harry picked them up, the silence just reminding us of how we appreciated each other's presence; how we simply appreciated each other. We were from two different worlds but our connection couldn't be broken and we wouldn't let go.

Eight hundred and ninety two, only one hundred and eight to go.

Absentmindedly, I began to hum moments slowly to myself before Harry's angelic voice met my rhythm.

"Shut the door,

Turn the light off."

I was enjoying the few moments I had left on this earth with Harry. The doctors had confirmed it: I was going to die without the treatment I couldn't afford.

Nine hundred and twenty three, only seventy seven to go.

All of my cranes were picked up by now and Harry had situated himself across from me, the chair pulled up by the bed. He watched me silently as my miniscule fingers set to work, quickly, each time - each fold perfectly creased as more cranes were born under my hand.

Only three more to go but visiting hours were over.

"Until we meet again, Sophia Bell." Harry replied to my unspoken demand, "Until we meet again.

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