Diana Tomlinson

Hi my name is Diana Tomlinson im 19 years old and my brother is in a band caled OneDirection. I have to move into my brothers house because i have been kicked out of my house but what i didnt know is that i will fall in love with one of them


1. Meeting him

Diana's p.o.v

But you cant kick me out i own this house i screamed.

Well you should have paid your rent the man said calmly.As he through me out. The onaly place i knew were to go was my brothers house but i havent talked to him in a while and we had a fight the last time i saw him.                                 Bro's house

As i come up to the door i slowly back away thinking that he wouldn't wan't me staying. No Diana suck it up and knock i say as i push myself forward knocking on the door.

Louis P.O.V

I hear someone knocking at the door when i open it too see my sister Diana standing there. Diana i said shocked whielst shes staring at me.

Then i rememberd our fight because i wouldnt let her date someone but everyone knows i overprotective about my family. Louis she says shaking from the rain freezing her. Yes i say spitting the words out. Im sorry about our fight and im wondering if i can live with you please i have no were to go she said aplogeticly. I noded my head and puled her in for a hug whielst i showed her to my guest room.

~~~~~~~~Hi this is my first fanfic so please like new chapter coming soon sparks in my heart~~~~~~


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