One Direction Preferences!

Heyyyyy guys!
So this fanfiction isn't going to be a story. Each chapter is going to be a different preference with each one of the boys. Like one chapter could be your first date with them. And then I would write it with each of Harry, Louis, Niall, Liam, and Zayn. Get it? LOL.
I'm really excited to be writing this and I will always take requests! Thanks!
Love Rachel xoxo


1. Your Pet Name For Him




You love to play and mess with his hair. And he of course, loves it when you curl you hair because it matches him. 




Mr. Sass:

He always has an attitude with you and you love to play back. Of course he loves it too. You two will play fight and argue about ridiculous things and compete to see who can give the most sassiest attitude. He always wins. 





It's simple, and defines him. He can be a mature serious guy, and then the "baby" part comes out when he shows his soft spot and watches little kid movies with you. 





This is just one of the many, but you call him this the most. You think it sounds sweet, but he likes it because it sounds like something a kung-fu master would say, so everytime you say it goes "WAHHHHH NI!" and bring one leg up and puts his arms up like a bird. Just one of the countless cute things he does that makes you laugh.





This just suits him as a name. You love his last name and he calls you by yours as well. You love the way it looks as his contact in your phone and when he signs his name as just Malik when he writes sweet little notes. 





Hey guys!

So there is my first one. I will do more with little scenerios as well. What did ya think? I hope it's ok! LOL These will be short and sweet like this. 

Hope ya like it!

Rachel xoxo 

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