One Direction Preferences!

Heyyyyy guys!
So this fanfiction isn't going to be a story. Each chapter is going to be a different preference with each one of the boys. Like one chapter could be your first date with them. And then I would write it with each of Harry, Louis, Niall, Liam, and Zayn. Get it? LOL.
I'm really excited to be writing this and I will always take requests! Thanks!
Love Rachel xoxo


3. Your First Date



Mini golf. He picked you up at 4:00 PM at your house, greeting you with a single powder pink carnation. Your cheeks are the exact same color as the beautiful flower, which he thinks is the most adorable thing. He shakes hands with you dad and gives your mum a kiss on the cheek and leads you out the door. "So ready to get your tiny golf on?" he said and you broke into a fit of giggles at the phrase "tiny" golf. "Mini golf silly." you say, still giggling. "Whatever!" he says in a mock voice of you and you laugh and lightly punch him in the arm. He grins and you both chat about random things the whole way there. When you get there, he shows you how to properly hold the club, with his arms wrapped firmly around you. You felt so warm, and protected, right there in his arms. You ended up winning, but you don't even say anything about him probably letting you win. He gives you a sweet kiss on the cheek on your doorstep and you wrap your arms around him and rest your head on his chest. He rests his chin on your head and kisses your head before letting go. As you walk in the house, he tells you to wait and then plants a kiss on your lips that sends you soaring. 





He cooks you a romantic dinner. You ring the doorbell to his flat and then see your handsome date open up the door. Louis grins and opens the door wide with an overdramatic bow that makes him almost fall to the floor. You laugh and drag him up for a hug. His hugs felt like there were a million tiny pillows in it. You felt so comfortable in his arms. He then led you to the kitchen where there was a candlelit table, with a beautiful tablecloth, and a dozen roses sitting on your side. You smile and peck him on the cheek as he pulls out your chair for you. "I will be back with the main course in a moment my darling." he says in a French accent. It sounds so funny over his British one. He then returns with two silver platters. He puts them down and pulls off the lid of yours. Spagehetti and meatballs! So Louis. "Louis this looks amazing." you say as he then brings out french bread and drinks. "And I especially love the Coke in wine glasses." You say and giggle. He grinned and said, "Only for the best!" You blush and start eating. You both chat and end the night with a kiss. The beginning to a magical relalationship.





Lunch and a movie. You grin as you open up the door to the blonde, adorable boy who is hopping from foot to foot in anxiety. When he sees you, he blushes and says a quick hello and embraces you. You lean into his famous Horan Hugs and breath in his TopShop cologne. On the way to the movie, you talk about the latest in football and argue on what teams are better. "Manchester United!" you exclaim. "NO NO NO NO! Ireland!" he says banging on the wheel of the car. You giggle at his animation, but are also a bit scared because the car is going side to side. You take about 15 minutes trying to decide on where to eat and you end up at Chick-Fil-A because he let you choose. "Only for the most wonderful girls." he tells you and winks. You blush and dig into yur chicken sandwhich as daintly as you can. After lunch, you go see the newest Madea movie with him because you both HATE romance movies. You both laugh until you cry and you rest your head on his shoulder on the serious parts and he wraps his arm around you. After the movie, he just gives you a peck on the cheek and says goodbye. You sigh and dance around your room after he leaves feeling like you are walking on clouds.





Laser tag. You have never played laser tag before, so you are a bit worried. You glance over at Liam paying for you and him to play a round. "Wanna be on the same team?" he asks and you nod. As you walk over to the wall to get your vest and gun, he notices your silence. "Hey babe, you okay?" he asks with concern as he wraps an arm around you. You lean into him and say, "I've just never done this before, so I'm a little nervous." He pulls away with a dramatic gasp. "Never played? NEVER PLAYED? Awwww girl, you have missed out." You giggle at his sudden passion. "This is the best game to play EVER. Well, maybe second. Football is always first. Besides the point, you haven't lived until you play laser tag." He then quickly explains what you do and the best places to shoot people. "Got it?" he asks and you nod. "This does sound fun. I can shoot people, and it won't hurt them!" you say with such giddiness, it scares you. He laughs. "Exactly!" Then the door opens you and Liam enter the playing area with about eight other people. Five people on each team. When the buzzer sounds, you go at it. You are a natural. You start running around like a maniac and shooting people left and right. When the game ends, you look up at the board and see that your team has won by 500 points! You cheer and jump into Liam's arms. "Good God Y/N! You scored like half of our points! What happened to not playing before?" "I haven't! I guess I just got really into it. Wanna play again?" You say. He smirks. "Sure, but how about on opposite teams?" You smile and get very close to him. "Your on."





Concert. You are squriming with excitemnt. Zayn is taking you to a Katy Perry concert for your first date! FIRST DATE. You and Zayn had been friends for awhile before, so this is amazing. When you hear the doorbell ring, you sprint to the door but stop quickly to fix your hair and not look to crazy in the mirror. When your satisfied, you smile and open the door to see Zayn standing there hopping from foot to foot. He glances up to see you and smiles. "Hello gorgeous." He says and wraps you in his arms. "Wassup Malik?" you say and hug him back and peck him on the cheek. "Are you ready to ROAR?" he screams and you laugh and scream back, "AM I READY? ARE YOU READY?" And you both laugh and walk out the door. When you get the arena, you realize Zayn got you floor tickets! Your mouth opens when you see how close you are going to be. "Zayn...." You say flabbergasted. "You must of paid a fortune. You didn-." And he stops you with his own words. "Y/N. You are one of the most special girls to me. It didn't have a price tag." You raise and eyebrow playfully. "One of the most special?" He smiles. "My mum is number one!" You laugh and then see the lights go down. You scream and grip his arm. He both rock out to Teenage Dream, Roar, Hot n Cold, and more. After, he takes you home and you kiss goodnight sweetly. 




Hey guys! Been working on these for awhile. I hope you like them!


-Rachel xoxo 



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