One Direction Preferences!

Heyyyyy guys!
So this fanfiction isn't going to be a story. Each chapter is going to be a different preference with each one of the boys. Like one chapter could be your first date with them. And then I would write it with each of Harry, Louis, Niall, Liam, and Zayn. Get it? LOL.
I'm really excited to be writing this and I will always take requests! Thanks!
Love Rachel xoxo


4. The Way He Likes Your Hair

Harry: Down and Curly

Harry loves running his fingers through your hair when it's down and curly. When you're watching tv together you put your head on his lap and he plays with your curls. You would braid or curl it every night for him just to make sure he never stopped caressing your hair and planting kisses on top of your head randomly just because he loves you more than the world.

Niall: Messy Bun

Niall thinks when your hair is in a messy bun, you look adorable and cute. He always plays with it like a cat with yarn. When you guys get Chinese food, he thinks it's the funniest thing to see how many chop sticks he can fit in your hair! But you never mind. All you can't about is making him happy because he makes you are always happiest with him.

Louis: Ponytail

Louis loves your hair when it's in a ponytail because it looks so much more natural and you always look ready for a little game of football! He loves that athletic side of you, even if you aren't so good. When his arms around you helping you kick the ball, he's in his happy place.

Liam: Straight

Liam loves your hair straight. When you walk, it swings and it looks so graceful. It takes all of him to try to stop staring at you but he never stops. You laugh when he pets your hair and says you are very soft, like a puppy. When you lie on the floor, loves twisting it into shapes does everything in his power to make you laugh.

Zayn: Fishtail or Regular Braid

Zayn loves your hair when it's braided because...well, he's fascinated on how easily you do the braid and it looks spectacular at the same time. You try to teach him how to braid but he never does it right, but he doesn't tell you that he secretly messes up on purpose because he likes the way you guide his hands through your hair.

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