One Direction Preferences!

Heyyyyy guys!
So this fanfiction isn't going to be a story. Each chapter is going to be a different preference with each one of the boys. Like one chapter could be your first date with them. And then I would write it with each of Harry, Louis, Niall, Liam, and Zayn. Get it? LOL.
I'm really excited to be writing this and I will always take requests! Thanks!
Love Rachel xoxo


2. Movie Night!



When you arrive at Harry's flat, he smiles and brings you into a warm hug and kisses your cheek. You hug back and say hello. You two always take turns when it comes to movie night. One week, you will get the snacks and he will get the movies and then vice-versa. You also take turns on who's house it will be at. When you are at his house though, he always has extra food. This week, you brought the snacks. Well, some of them. "Oh Y/N, guess what? I have a new joke!" You groan but smile. Harry's jokes are so bad, they're funny. "Alright, let's hear it." You say. "Where do cows love to hang out? The mooooooooovies!" He then started laughing and you groaned and laughed. "Ahhhhh Harry that was so bad!!!" "Was not!" "Was too!" This goes for about ten minutes when you eventually give up. "So what movies did ya get?" You say as you unpack your bag of snacks. "Well m'lady," he says in a funny voice and you giggle. "We have Pitch Perfect, Love Actually, The Last Song, all the Harry Potter movies, and The Vow." Of course, lots of romance movies except for Pitch Perfect and Harry Potter. You laugh and roll your eyes. "How about we start with Pitch Perfect?" You say and rip open a bag of Ruffles. "Noooo." He whines. "The Vow! You haven't seen it!" "Alright alright! Pitch Perfect next!" You say and giggle as he jumps with glee and starts the movie. You smile as he wraps a blanket around the two of you after turning the lights off. You smile and nuzzle into your wonderful boyfriend and he puts his arm around you. 





"IT'S MOOOOOOOVVIIIIIIEEEE TIME!!!!" Louis exclaims as he swings your door open. Maybe it was a bad idea getting a key to your house made for him. You laugh as he picks you up and swings you around screaming "IT'S MOVIE TIME!!!!!!!!! TIME TO WATCH SOME MOVIES!!! ARE YOU READY Y/N?!?!?!?!?!" "YES! WHOOOO!" You scream through your laughs as he puts you down. You then hug him normally and take his hand and lead him to the living room. "I'll make the popcorn!" You say and start towards the kitchen, but steps in front of you. "No." He says with no expression on his face. You know he is about to do something. A smile starts to creep onto your face but you stop. You try to keep a solid expression like him and say, "Yes I am Louis." And you start to walk around him and he follows you with his face right next to the side of your face staring at you. You try not to giggle. He was like a leech. You can't hide it anymore. A pitch of giggles come out of your mouth. "Louis stop!" You say giggling as you put the bag in the microwave. "No." he says in the same tone. "Why?" You say and whip around and then end your lips end up on his because his face was so close. "Because I wanted that to happen." Louis says with a smirk and winks as he walks back to the living room to pick a movie. You smile and laugh at how crazy your boyfriend was.





Ding Dong Ding Dong Ding Dong Ding Dong....DING DONG! You smile and rush to the door and throw it open to see your sweet Irish boyfriend in his green onsie. "Heyyyyy princess!" he says and kisses you on the lips. You smile into the kiss and kiss back. He then puts his arm around you and you both walk into the living room. He scolds you for not having your matching green onsie on and you pull it on quicker than Niall can scarf down the popcorn you had already popped for your movie night. You run out and start to say, "Bette-" But you are interuppted by Niall running at you with his onsie zipped all the way to the top of his head and he somehow sees enough to pick you up and throw you over his shoulder. "NIALL!" You scream, really feeling like a baby, but laughing hard. He plops you down on the couch and you unzip the onsie enough to see his cute face. "What was that for Ni?" You say and giggle as his nose wrinkles up when he smiles. "I just missed my princess and wanted to make sure you knew that you are going to be mine forever." And you both kissed again and you eventually fell asleep on his shoulder during the fourth movie. The shoulder of you prince.





You knock on Liam's door three times and then in twice more in a slower rhythm. Your secret knock with Liam. The door opens about two inches and you get confused. "Liam?" And you see a nose in the small crack. You laugh and kiss his nose and then the door opens all the way. "What was that for?" You say and giggle as you are wrapped into your musculer boyfriend's warm hug. "I just wanted a kiss from you on my nose. I don't know why, so don't ask me why." "Maybe Loki is rubbing off on you," you say and giggle as Liam's puppy runs up to you and you kiss his nose. You then cuddle up on the couch with Liam and there is a bag of cookies inbetween you. He starts to search action, horror, and romance movies on NetFlix. Your roll your eyes and take the Wii remote out of his hand. "What are you doing?" he says with the cutest confused expression anyone could have. "I know what movies you want to watch. I don't care if you are trying to lose that good boy image. You and I both know you want to watch these." And you instead click on the kids movies, and then on Toy Story. He starts to protest but then quiets as it starts. "See I knew-" And then he stops you from talking with his kiss. When you pull apart, he says in a low voice. "You know me so well. Now be quiet. The movie is starting." And he wraps an arm around you and pulls you close. You smile and silently giggle to yourself at your wonderful and sweet boyfriend.





Your doorbell rings and you walk over to it, exhausted from unpacking your stuff in your new flat. When you open the door, there is a long, skinny box on your doormat. You pick it up carefully and bring it inside. You open it to find something inclosed in silver tissue paper. There is card on top. You pick it up and it reads: HEY BEAUTIFUL. COME TO MY PLACE TONIGHT AT 6ISH FOR A MOVIE NIGHT. LOVE YOU. XOXOXO Z

You smile and remove the tissue paper to find a dozen blood red roses. They were gorgeous. The blush on your cheeks was almost the same color as the roses as you put them in a glass vase. Later that evening when you arrived at his flat, he had rose petals leading to the couch that had chocolate covered strawberries and....a pizza. You smile. So Zayn. And right as the smile appears on your face, he comes around the corner and wraps you in a hug from behind. "Hello gorgeous." he said and kissed your cheek. You turn in his arms and hug him and kiss him. "You are too sweet Malik." He smiles and leads you over to the couch and pulls you close and turns on your favorite movie, The Lucky One. You both smile and laugh and cry together during all the movies that night and fall asleep on each other with a smile on both of your faces.








I know these were kinda long, but I thought they were cute! Tell me what ya think! It really does matter!

Rachel xoxo






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