A London Journey

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  • Published: 11 Oct 2013
  • Updated: 11 Oct 2013
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Entered for the Wood Green Literary Festival. 200 Word story based on 'A London Journey' - ( http://goo.gl/aNL0ym ) ~~ Enjoy!


1. A London Journey

Ever been at South Bank just before sunrise? Before the greeting of a new day, as the sun rises, and floods the grey sky with warming shades of red, pushing away the unwanted night time?


A huff of cold air sweeps into my face as I walk along across the Millennium Bridge. I cup my thermos hoping that all the heat from within will somehow conduct through my body and stop my shivering self. Yet the breeze is a refreshing complement. It’s empty. Empty but not silent. The sky is full of free crying birds sending out their morning calls. The river is gushing, flowing, tumbling beneath me. The distant roads echo the taxis constantly circulating in hopes that someone will flag them down. I tug my coat tighter around my body as a chill pulses through me. Every one of my steps makes a clicking statement as I walk over the bridge. Together everything is almost melodious. I am early for work. But London never fails to welcome me on my way.


I’m just in time for the sun to peak over the buildings as the world begins to wake up and start a new day.

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