A Child's Worst Fear

This is going to be my first play. I don't how it will turn out, but I wanted to try it.

This is a story of a girl named Annabelle, she's just six years old living in an abusive environment. The only light in her dull, oppressive world is her mother. That is until an unspeakable event ruins everything she has to live for. Her father in a rage murders her mother, leaving her alone with a monster.

Years pass and she meets Xavier Winters, a smart, kind, and cute piano player at her school. It seems fate had given her another ray of hope, and a chance at love after all the years she lived without it. Will Xavier help Annabelle learn to love again or will he be taken away as well? Or will he prove to be just another monster?

Find out in 'A Child's Worst Fear.'

P.S- Any movellians under the age of thirteen should not read this play, it contains sexual content and innuendos. I don't want this removed so please, be responsible.


2. Act Two- Meeting Xavier

Act Two- Meeting Xavier



Introduction- Annabelle sat at her mirror, looking at the brand new black eye she just received from her father. She was now sixteen years old, tens years since her mother had been murdered. Ten years since no one did anything to help her. Today would be her first day of Junior Year. She had no friends, she was too afraid that if she did they would find out about her home life. Annabelle started to conceal the bruised skin with her collection of concealers and foundations. When she was satisfied with her handiwork she got up and left for school. Having no idea that she would meet the boy who would later open up her heart and demolish the walls she had carefully placed around herself.

(Act Two; Scene One)


Walking into the school Annabelle didn't think anybody would notice that she still wore her clothes from last school year. Mostly because her father lost his job because of his drinking. That's when she saw *him* the new boy, with his wind swept blonde hair, crystal blue eyes and tan skin, he was like a God sent down from a mythical land. Girls were already draped around his arms and waist like they already owned him. She cast her eyes on the floor. She thought she was pretty enough, but not enough to compete with Them the cheerleaders and out going club fanatics.

Annabelle went to the table that was handing out locker assignments and schedules. The teachers all liked her, she got decent grades, followed by the rules. She hurried to her locker and dumped her things. She grabbed a pen and notebook for the first day of school. She was going so fast to her art class, that she bumped into someone's back. She fell to the ground, and coming over to help her was the new kid, the God.


Xavier: Hello, Sorry about that. I have no idea where anything is.

Annabelle: No, its my fault entirely, I need to look up more.


Xavier: My name is Xavier Winters, I just moved here from Connecticut, do you think you could show me around?


Annabelle: My name is Annabelle, and sure I can show you around. Where's your first class?

Xavier: I have art now. You?


Annabelle: Same.(Annabelle blushed as his hand brushed the top of her's. They stood and she led the way to her get away, the art room. They found two stools next to one another and sat down. Waiting for the class to start. Xavier turns to Annabelle and starts conversation.)

Xavier: Annabelle, do you want to exchange schedules to see exactly what classes we share?

Annabelle: Of course.(She blushed, thinking she had come off too eager. She fished out her schedule from her notebook and handed it to him and he handed her his. After scrutinizing it for awhile, Annabelle couldn't believe it, Xavier was in all her classes, every single one.) 

Both: We have all the same classes!


Xavier: Well I guess we'll be getting to know one another quite well this year.


Annabelle: I would think so. Mrs. Geoffery always makes us do partner work.


Xavier: Do we get to choose the partners?(He said getting closer  to her with each word.) Because I'd choose you each time.(Before she could say he knew nothing about her, before she could utter a word, or form a blush upon her cheeks. The bell rang.)


(Enter Ms. Huckabee.)

Ms. Huckabee: Alright chipmunks! Partner up and play twenty questions because they will be your partner the entire year!


(There was a mad scramble towards Xavier, but he held fast to Annabelle's arm saying each time that he had already chosen.)

Annabelle: So, twenty questions. I already know where your from. So, What's your favorite color?


Xavier: Hmm, Green. Your's?


Annabelle: Purple. Okay, What's your hobby?


Xavier: I play piano, ride horses, read, I like acting, and art any type of art. I like to cook. You?


Annabelle: I play the cello, I've never ridden a horse but I want to. I like to act too but I'm not in the club, and I love art. I cook, but only microwavable items like easy mac. Do you have any siblings?


Xavier: Two, a brother and sister. Matthew, he's four and Maggie, she's twelve. You?


Annabelle: No sadly my mother died before I could get any brothers or sisters.


Xavier:God I'm sorry! I didn't know.


Annabelle:Of course you didn't. I didn't tell you. Do you have a girlfriend?


Xavier: Not currently. But I'm working on it. Do you have a boyfriend?


Annabelle: N-(bell rings.)


Xavier:Tell me tomorrow?


Annabelle: I could tell you now.


Xavier: Yes, but it wouldn't be the same. Its an art question, not an English with Mrs. Geoffery question. Speaking of classes, wheres the music room? 


Annabelle: Next to the lunch room. Let's focus on English.


(Act Two; Scene Two)

(They walked in the room, practically hand in hand. They took sits in the back row, so they could talk amongst themselves. Annabelle could hear the whispers among Them. She ignored it but it was annoying Xavier.)


Xavier: What makes them so high and mighty? That they think that they can talk about a beautiful girl behind her back like this?


Annabelle: Its because the beautiful girl is unsocial, and wears black all the time and too much make up.


Xavier: Why do you?


Annabelle: I promise I'll tell you. But not now.


Xavier I can deal with that. In the mean time.( He raised his voice high enough for Them to hear) I think that cheerleaders are a sad excuse for human beings and might as well be on the street corners the way they show so much of their skin and cleavage.

(Annabelle forced herself not to laugh as the Head Them huffed and slunk into her desk, hiking up her leather pink skirt as she did. The bell rang and Mrs. Geoffrey stood.)

Mrs. Geoffery: Now class find a partner. They will be your partner for the entire year.(Annabelle and Xavier reached for each other. Annabelle felt some of the walls chipping away. His blue eyes like jack hammers breaking up the concrete that surrounded her soul.) Class you will write an essay about your summers individually, and then exchange them with your partners on Friday. Get to work. You may not speak.


(Bell Rings)


Annabelle: Music time! Finally. I need to speak with Mrs. Raven anyway.


Xavier: Mrs. Raven, is she nice?


Annabelle: Extremely. I help her teach Mondays and Thursdays. Music is a way to escape your everyday life you know?


Xavier: Yes. (He looked at the girl that accepted him for who he was on the inside and not because of his looks, and wondered if she was a mirage meant to destroy him. Or if he was meant to help her in some way, She was a Goddess. A beautiful black haired cerulean blue eyed girl, who had almost every talent you could have as a human being. Xavier knew it was crazy, because they just met, but he was falling, falling hard for the girl who never wore an ounce of color, who stayed in the shadows, the girl he knew he was meant to protect.)


Annabelle: Xavier, are you alright?


Xavier: Yes, I'm perfectly fine.

(They reached the music room, and Annabelle left him next to the baby grand piano. He took a seat at the bench and began to play. Xavier didn't recognize the tune so he started to sing. Sing about the girl, that he knew it was crazy to already love.)


I look at you
And I know its true.
I love you.
I love your long wavy hair,
The way you make me feel dear
Its not even fair.

Your my only,
My only Snow White.
Looking into your eyes,
I feel like I falling into the ocean of love.
Snow White,

Let me be your one and only,
I know its crazy,
But I don't want to seem lazy.
So Snow White, I love you.

Let me break down your walls,
Let me love you until I die.
I know we're young,
I but I've never been wrong before
I love you my Snow White.


(Everyone stopped their chattering, and looked over to the piano that had never been touched, not since the last piano teacher. Ten years prior.Xavier didn't seem to notice them gasping with awe at his talent, or when Annabelle came to sit next to him, but when she started to play her cello along with him and sing her own version of the song did he look up and stop.)


Prince Charming,
I know people who've said they were you.
But Prince Charming maybe you're different.
Prince Charming I don't think I can love.

I don't know if I know how.
Never did one show,
Me how to love a teddy bear,
So as I shed one single tear,
I must release you dear,

My Prince Charming I think you have
Your work cut out for you,
Prince Charming I can't trust a soul
Prince Charming I don't think I can love.

I'm not asking you to love
I'm not asking for your trust,
I'm just asking you to,
Not give up.

I know you've been wronged.
I know you can not trust.
Somewhere down the road,
I will teach you,
Hold you tight and teach you,
How to love again,
How to trust,
And how to not let go.

My Snow White,
Don't release me so readily,
You don't know it,
But we need each-other,
And I will always find you again.


(Xavier's fingers went still, and Annabelle almost dropped her bow. She knew it was about her, that's why she came up with Prince Charming, she looked around the room at everyone staring at them. Then slowly an applause erupted throughout the room. Mrs. Raven came up to them and was speechless, she kept opening her mouth and closing it like a fish.)


Mrs. Raven: Anna...Belle, I- who's your friend?



Annabelle: This is Xavier, he just moved here.


Mrs. Raven: It seems we have among us yet another music prodigy. Xavier, how would you feel about teaching alongside Annabelle?


Xavier: I'd like that. 


Mrs. Raven: Great, its Monday, and you've just gave the class their first lesson. Improv and Harmony.


Xavier: Thank you.


Annabelle: Yes, thank you Mrs. Raven.

(End of Act)

(End of Scene)

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