A Child's Worst Fear

This is going to be my first play. I don't how it will turn out, but I wanted to try it.

This is a story of a girl named Annabelle, she's just six years old living in an abusive environment. The only light in her dull, oppressive world is her mother. That is until an unspeakable event ruins everything she has to live for. Her father in a rage murders her mother, leaving her alone with a monster.

Years pass and she meets Xavier Winters, a smart, kind, and cute piano player at her school. It seems fate had given her another ray of hope, and a chance at love after all the years she lived without it. Will Xavier help Annabelle learn to love again or will he be taken away as well? Or will he prove to be just another monster?

Find out in 'A Child's Worst Fear.'

P.S- Any movellians under the age of thirteen should not read this play, it contains sexual content and innuendos. I don't want this removed so please, be responsible.


1. Act One- The Beginning

Act One- The Beginning


Introduction: A little girl sits up in her room, playing silently with her dolls. Yelling and screaming from downstairs vibrate off her bedroom walls. A gunshot, a scream, and then silence. Someone was dead. The little girl dared not cry, for her father would call her weak and beat her until no more tears dared to fall from her cerulean blue eyes. Her porcelain white skin covered in scars. From down below she heard the familiar terrifying voice that belonged to the monster she was forced to call father.


Annabelle- Its okay Dolly.(She tried  to reassure her doll, and herself) No one is hurt, it was just thunder.

Father- Girl get down here now!

(Annabelle's worst fear had been realized, her mother was dead or close to it anyhow. But anyway Annabelle was left with abusive father.)

Annabelle- Coming Papa.(Annabelle climbs down the stairs slowly afraid of what sight awaited her.)


Father-You got a mess to clean up.


Annabelle- Yes Papa(she cringed at the sight before her. Red covered everything,her mother was most certainly dead. She fought back tears as she got her pail and mop.


Father- I want this spotless understood? I want no traces of blood understood? I need to call someone to come pick up the body.


Annabelle- Yes Papa.(Tears pricked her eyes as she started to mop away her mother's blood. The blood that also flowed through her veins. The only part of Annabelle's life that had been good was gone, and she could feel herself shutting down, finishing the walls that had already been forming. Left alone Annabelle fell down against her mother's side, and held her hand. She began wiping away the blood that soiled her white skin that was identical to her own. She even changed her mother's clothes and slipped a note into her mother's bra for the coroner to find. It read.)


Dear Who ever finds this letter,
                     My father killed her you need to help me. I don't care if I am put in the 'system' it will be better than this. I have scars you know from him please help me.


Father- Girl, what are you doing?


Annabelle- Its Annabelle papa. Why did you kill her?


Father- She threatened to take you away. I couldn't let that happen.


Annabelle- Papa do you love me?


Father- Of course. Now if anyone asks, it was an accident alright Annabelle?


Annabelle- Yes Papa.


(End of Scene One)



(Annabelle laid in her bed waiting for her father to come home, drunk from the local bar. She held onto Dolly trying to fall asleep, so she could dream of her mother. She could feel her mother's memory fading away. Soon she wouldn't be able to smell her perfume, hear her voice, see her smiling face even when she felt like crying. She heard the door of her room open and slam. She covered her head with the blanket, hoping her father would leave her alone. She knew she looked like her mother, like Snow White.)


Father- Wake up girl, wake up!


Annabelle- What Papa what did I do?


Father- You look like your mother. So much like your mother.


Annabelle- But Papa I can't help that. You need sleep Papa.


Father- Don't tell me what to do! Get up! Now! (Annabelle got up and out of bed and walked slowly over to her father.)


Annabelle- Papa please don't do this! I'm all you have left Papa. You said you loved me!

(Annabelle felt the familiar sting of the back hand slap, her father just made her receive. She did not cry. Her father continued to hit her repeatedly until he was tired and she was bleeding from her nose and mouth. When her father closed her door, she let the tears fall down her face. She crawled back into bed, held her doll close and tried to picture her mother and what she would have said to calm her.)


(End of Scene)


(End of Act One)


* Please leave your feedback. It would really help me out. If you all don't like it and I don't get at least five comments I'll delete it and drop trying to write plays*

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