A Child's Worst Fear

This is going to be my first play. I don't how it will turn out, but I wanted to try it.

This is a story of a girl named Annabelle, she's just six years old living in an abusive environment. The only light in her dull, oppressive world is her mother. That is until an unspeakable event ruins everything she has to live for. Her father in a rage murders her mother, leaving her alone with a monster.

Years pass and she meets Xavier Winters, a smart, kind, and cute piano player at her school. It seems fate had given her another ray of hope, and a chance at love after all the years she lived without it. Will Xavier help Annabelle learn to love again or will he be taken away as well? Or will he prove to be just another monster?

Find out in 'A Child's Worst Fear.'

P.S- Any movellians under the age of thirteen should not read this play, it contains sexual content and innuendos. I don't want this removed so please, be responsible.


7. Act Four; Scene Four

(Annabelle sat timidly next to Xavier she was worried that if she said something wrong or moved the wrong way, he would turn into her father. Annabelle shook in her seat as she watched her art teacher go through the lesson as if nothing was wrong at all. Xavier acted as if the girl she despised the most was laying dead in the hallway and no one had found yet. No one would suspect the new kid, would they? Or would they suspect her?)


Annabelle doodled absentmindedly as she waited for the assignment to be handed out. Xavier reached a crossed the space that divided them and took her hand, the one drawing a broken neck on a doll, falling through the air. His eyes said it all, 'Stop drawing' and then the screams erupted from the halls. Annabelle bolted out of the classroom. The sight that met her eyes was what she had suspected, Alexandra's best friend, Cora was cradling her lifeless form in her arms crying for help. Alexandra was definitely dead, and no one was going to tell Cora that. Her neck was bruised from the break, and it looked as if she had been crying. Probably died slowly and painfully. She saw the sea of students parting like the Red Sea...the principal Dr. Victoire Cole emerged and surveyed the hysteria. She placed one finger on Alexandra's waxened neck and confirmed what they had already known,



Dr. Cole: She's dead. Someone call the police. She didn't break her neck on her own. Not the way its snapped.( The doctor left to call the authorities and she felt a hand on her shoulder...a hand she believed would keep her safe and out of the world her father had kept her in. The hand that had ended Alexandra's life.)


Xavier: Pity, she suffered isn't it Anna?"


Annabelle: Yes, what a pity. Xavier, what happens now? There hasn't been a murder in this town since my mother's. (At the mention of Annabelle's mother, the students cast their eyes to the ground. They had loved her mother, ten years ago the teachers had a different music teacher...to call their friend and that teacher was her mother.)

Xavier: The town will think of something to protect us. I'm sure. (Annabelle wasn't so sure they needed protecting. Xavier took her hand and led her back to class. Annabelle was too startled to focus on the assignment Ms. Huckabee had assigned and took up staring out the window. Two birds swooped low to the ground and both came up with the same worm. She thought of herself as the worm and the two birds as her father and her 'boyfriend' she was that poor defenseless worm, she could not stand up against Xavier; not only was he popular, well liked, talented and even funny, she loved him.)


Cora: Who would murder her? She was so...so popular! 'I could name a few.' Annabelle thought to herself. 'I know who did it. He's right here! Next to me! Help me!' Annabelle thought.


A student: Cora, she was a bitch. A heartless, relentless, cruel, narcissistic bitch. (The student Annabelle knew to be Tyler Wells. A 'nerd' so named by none other than the dead 'bitch' on the floor just outside the classroom.)


Cora: Tyler! How dare you say that! She's dead!


Tyler: Good. (Tyler exits) {stage left}


Annabelle: Do you suppose they'll send us home for a few days?


Xavier: Probably. (He sounded bored to Annabelle, robotic would be a better term, it was like he hadn't just murdered a girl who had terrorized her, her whole teenage life.) 


Ms. Huckabee stood when an officer came into the room followed by Dr. Cole. Annabelle looked their way and listened intently. 


Officer: She was murdered the medical examiner is sure of that. No one just falls like that, even in those shoes. [the officer whispers to the instructors but Annabelle could still hear them.] We'll need to speak to the student who found the body.


Dr. Cole: Of course, Cora? Can you speak with Officer Dierzyk?


Cora: Of course, anything for Alex. {Cora and Officer Dierzyk exit} (Annabelle saw to her amazement Dr. Cole striding over to her, her polished black stilettos tapping on the tiled floor. She was well kept as she always was, and her emotionless mask was still plastered on her model like face. Dr. Cole uncharacteristically sat on an art stool next to Annabelle, something Dr. Cole hadn't done in years. Dr. Cole was her mother's sister and Dr. Cole was the emotionless bitch that Tyler mentioned not Alexandra, at least Alexandra showed her emotions no matter how pitiful they were.)


Dr. Cole: I know that Alexandra was bullying you Anni just answer this question, did you kill her?


Annabelle: I'm not my father, and any accusation that you have blindly assaulted me with just proves to me you don't care about me or see me as your sister's daughter! 


Dr. Cole: Anni I love you its just a normal question in a murder investigation. Do you know who did it?


Xavier looked up at her, and Annabelle looked at her hands and whispered;


Annabelle: No. (She shook her head yes discretely and nodded towards Xavier who went back to his sketch.)


Dr. Cole: Are you positive you don't know Anni?"


Annabelle: Yes I'm sure. I'm sorry I couldn't be of assistance Aunt Victoire.


Dr. Cole: It's alright dear. I'll help as much as I can okay?


Annabelle: Alright.


{End of Scene}


[Scene Five]


Scene Five: Lie for Me


Xavier Winters was a sociopath. Everyone in his old town knew it, his parents knew it, and he enjoyed it. When he had told Annabelle he enjoyed acting; he meant in all seriousness that he enjoyed acting normal. He enjoyed pretending to be sane which made his psychologist belief of him being not only sociopathic, but homicidal as well and a bit insane even stronger and with that belief his prescriptions were intensified. Xavier remembered when he killed for the first time. It was winter, and it was snowing. He remembered the day fondly as it started he was with Taylor Morris, the mayor's daughter and they in his opinion were in love. They went ice skating and as they were ice skating Taylor had looked at him and said quite simply 'I'm breaking up with you because daddy doesn't approve of me dating a sociopath. Sorry.' as she skated away Xavier noticed a loose blade and raced after her. Pretending to scoop her into a passionate embrace he sliced her throat with the blade, the red crimson of her blood clashed with the peaceful white of the winter snow. She dropped to the ice, her blood pooling and fanning out around her head in a morbid halo. Xavier chucked the blade away into the bushes and screamed for help. When the skaters came racing over he raced away. The screams of her best friend, who later moved away a few months later Alexandra Green bounced off his retreating form. Her words like dull blunt fencing swords bent and dropped like broken wings from his shoulders. Yes Xavier remembered his first kill fondly, it was a crime of passion and he had enjoyed every second of it.


He walked home after being released early from the school, as all the students were. Annabelle insisted on driving home by herself, she didn't even offer him a ride. She was a bit shaken he knew. He had just killed the girl who had terrorized her for three years. Losing your best friend in such a luscious, disgusting, morbid way had its affect on people, and the trauma of it took its toll on Alexandra's nice personality until she turned into the 'heartless, relentless, cruel, narcissistic bitch' as quoted by Tyler Wells. No one in his family trusted him, and he understood that. He knew that they thought he killed Taylor, and he did. He did not feel remorse for his actions, he did not feel anything relating to the feeling of guilt. He could however feel love, and the need to protect or destroy the object of his desire. In this case; Annabelle. She was broken, as was he and together perhaps they could mend one another he would teach her how to fly, and she would teach him how to be sane. He doubted anyone could cure him of his insanity but if anyone could do it, its the girl he fell in love with in the matter of minutes. 


To Xavier, love was not something to simply have; it was something to cherish with all your being, to hold close to one's heart in the times of darkness. When one was trapped in their darkest innermost thoughts. To Xavier having someone to love was necessary when you were insane, and to Xavier; love could cure anything. Afterall isn't it the fabled; 'most powerful magic' ? Xavier smiled, a cruel smile, filled with ice and evil thoughts but a smile none the less. 


Xavier reached his home and opened the front door and was greeted by Maggie, his twelve year old sister home with the flu. Xavier acted normal for Maggie, because Maggie was special to him. She was afterall his only sister. At the delicate age of pre teenage years. 


(Maggie looks up at her big brother, her face a slight green color. Her delicate hands were white as snow and she looked ghastly and weak.)


Xavier: Maggie you should be resting.


Maggie: I heard about the girl. Xavi I'm sorry your friend is dead.


Xavier: She wasn't not my friend dear sister. No, she was Taylor's friend.


Maggie: Oh, well its too bad that she is dead anyway. Xavier, I thought you had a new girlfriend?


Xavier: I do, she's home.


Maggie: Do you like her Xavier?


Xavier: Actually dear Maggie, I believe I love her. {Xavier exits. Leaving Maggie expressionless and mouth a gape.}


Maggie:{to herself, a soliloquy} How strange my brother is. A brain defect perhaps causes him to kill, to murder in such grotesque ways, but no defect can make a man fall so deeply in love so quickly, so readily. I hope the poor girl knows what he is. He may be my brother, but he is a monster at heart and even I nor the girl can change his blackened heart. {Exit Maggie}

[Light Deems and a new light shines brightly on Annabelle alone on her bed. Her doll in hand and a knife in the other.]


Annabelle sat alone, in the chaos of her own emotional tidal wave. She felt as if she had been sucked into a vortex of spinning winds, blood, and broken necks and hearts. She stroked her Dolly's face as she'd done many times before. Instead of comfort, the Doll only brought to her the memories she wished to forget. 


She had been nine in half years old. Three years after the death of her mother. Annabelle had been late to school that morning, the morning of October 31 was one of the worst beatings she had ever received. She had a bloodied lip and a bruised eye and she much too young to wear any sort of make up. She went to school ashamed, thinking 'now they will know.' but they didn't know. They didn't even ask why she was bruised and bloody or even why she was late. No one cared about a nine year old girl with no mother and a drunken father.


Annabelle wanted to end her life. Just to join her mother once more. Something in her mind told her she mustn't end it, her life. If she did she'd be a coward. How would it look to the police? Not only did she hate Alexandra Green, but the police would be losing their key witness in her father's trial. The knife laid on her bedsheets like a gleam of danger, danger that she so desperately wanted to taste for herself. She was a well versed girl, one of her favorite plays was 'Hamlet' The tragedy of a prince who was labeled crazy in his time of need. She didn't want to end up as Hamlet did, not dead on the floor, so desperate for an heir to the throne that he named his enemy the King of Denmark as his last words. Leaving Horatio to clean up the mess the royal family left behind. She did not want the few friends she had to be Horatio no, she would live and bring justice to not only Alexandra but Taylor Morris. Alexandra barely mentioned her, but yet again Alexandra hated her because well she looked like Taylor who had been brutally murdered. 'Like its my fault.' 




Annabelle: How can it be fair? What the hell did I do to deserve this? Haven't I been a good girl for seventeen years? I took it like a MAN when my father beat me, I was asleep when he raped me. What the HELL DID I DO!? God if you are there hear me now, as I speak to you with very soul you have bestowed me. What life is this for a girl like me? To have an abusive father and then fall blindly into the hands of a murderer? Why leave me with no mother to care for me, to comfort me? While the rest of the girls take their mother's for granted? I would die to have my mother alive once more! Why God did you curse me? { Annabelle collapses onto the bed face down. The knife inches from her face.} What stops me from taking this knife and ending my life as Juliet did? Why must I live without my mother? Why must I settle for Paris?


(Annabelle grasps the knife in her hand, scarred with the many wounds her father bestowed upon her delicate flesh. She poised her knife above her heart, ready to take her life.) 


Annabelle: Goodbye cruel California. Goodbye Xavier! [The Doorbell Rings] Perhaps a later time sweet chariot of death. [Annabelle walks toward the door.]


{Door opens to reveal Xavier. Huddled against the cold.} 


Xavier: Hey. I wanted to apologize for earlier today.


Annabelle: You're apologizing for murdering a girl? In front of me?


Xavier: Uh, that wasn't the intention, to kill her. It just happened.


Annabelle: Killing someone doesn't just happen Xavier.


Xavier: If you go to the police I'll be put away, in an institution, do you want that Anna?


Annabelle: You deserve to be put away...I love you Xavier but you need help.


Xavier: Don't turn me in Annabelle. Please if they ask you, please lie for me.


Annabelle: I'm not going to abstract the justice system for you Xavier. I do not lie. ( Annabelle slams the door and locks it.)


End of Scene

End of Act

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