A Child's Worst Fear

This is going to be my first play. I don't how it will turn out, but I wanted to try it.

This is a story of a girl named Annabelle, she's just six years old living in an abusive environment. The only light in her dull, oppressive world is her mother. That is until an unspeakable event ruins everything she has to live for. Her father in a rage murders her mother, leaving her alone with a monster.

Years pass and she meets Xavier Winters, a smart, kind, and cute piano player at her school. It seems fate had given her another ray of hope, and a chance at love after all the years she lived without it. Will Xavier help Annabelle learn to love again or will he be taken away as well? Or will he prove to be just another monster?

Find out in 'A Child's Worst Fear.'

P.S- Any movellians under the age of thirteen should not read this play, it contains sexual content and innuendos. I don't want this removed so please, be responsible.


9. Act Five; Scene Three: Murder on Elm Street





Introduction: Xavier sat at the dinner table reliving what he had just done. He had killed his father, lied to his family; how was he going to explain how his father died when he was the only one with him at the time, and the giant of a man was face down in a puddle of his own blood on Xavier's bedroom floor? Xavier looked at his family; those that remained. They eyed him with an unease reserved for inmates visiting their families. His mother eyed him with the uneasiness she had when she was protecting him from his father; an uncertainty that he really was the misunderstood angel she believed him to be. She knew, he thought. He looked at his mother, although he was classified as a sociopath-he loved his mother more than his own life he would do anything to protect her, and her image of himself in her mind. He pretended to be the innocent angel that he wasn't for her; afraid of breaking her fragile heart. Her crystalline eyes and soft white skin like being around fragile, already cracked glass; so full of raw emotion, her eyes were her greatest weakness, and her greatest gift; they were pools of liquid embers, right after the fire was turned out, they were unusual in color and her hair opposed them so much it made her beauty all the more exotic. Her hair was the color of lava, the darkest red of the lava; the magma. It wasn't auburn nor red but right in the center. Xavier pushed away the emotion he despised the most: guilt, He had taken away the person she vowed to spend the rest of her life with. But now she was free was she not? She no longer had his father to constantly berate her to take her oldest child to a Mental Health Clinic.


Mrs Winters: Xavier, what's wrong with your father?


Xavier[clearly irritated]: I told you already, he's not feeling well.


Maggie[upset, and nervous]: Because he's dead you monster!


Xavier[with a sneer on his face, and a look that could kill an Ali]: You'd be well off to hold your tongue sister.


Maggie: If I go upstairs, will I find the morbid picture that has formed in my mind?


Xavier{Places his hands beneath his chin, and quietly challenges his sister}: I do not know dear sister, describe this morbid picture.


Maggie[flabbergasted]: You're disgusting. [Exit Maggie]


Mrs. Winters[tiredly]: Must you patronize your sister like that?


Xavier: She started it mother.


Mrs. Winters: You are much older than she, you should no better.


Xavier: Yet we are having this discussion still.


Mrs. Winters: If you love me my son, you'll stop whatever you're doing. Please for me.


Xavier[cryptically]: Mother I make no promises, not even for you.


(A scream alerted them to the presence of Maggie, Xavier panicked and ran from the house. Where he was going; he had no idea.)



Scene Four: Surprise Visitation 



Annabelle sat alone in a darkened room, she was in center stage, police sirens and lights floated around the room like a continuous movie that was now her life. Annabelle sat there knife in hand just in case Xavier broke through the protection detail. She was scared and alone; why had her father of all people ordered a protection detail for her? Had he somehow figured out what Xavier had done? Annabelle jumped at the sound of the doorbell being sounded. Afraid and clutching the knife for dear life she went to answer the doorbell.


[Enter Officer One SL]


Annabelle{through closed door} : Hello? Who's there?


Officer One {through closed door}: Annabelle Andrews? Its okay its the police.


{Opens door cautiously} Annabelle: What is it?


Officer One: Annabelle, there's been another murder.


Annabelle{Shocked and scared}: Who?


Officer One: Mr Thomas Winters, your boyfriend's father.


(falls to the floor) Annabelle: Oh my God. Where's Xavier now?


Officer One: His mother informed us that he bolted when his sister found the body.


Annabelle {With conviction}: He did it. I know he did!


Officer One: Annabelle; you're not safe here alone. You're going to have to come with us.


Annabelle{Standing up}: Okay, one moment. (Annabelle disappeared into the dark house to retrieve her jacket.)


[Enter Xavier]


Xavier{from the shadows, hands up in surrender}: Annabelle, don't panic, I had no where else to go.


Annabelle: You killed your father! You killed Taylor Morris, Alexandra; and not to mention the fact that you almost killed me!


Xavier: I never wanted it to come this far! I wanted Alexandra out of the way one because she bullied you constantly, and two she was a bitch, and three she was a liability. My father, wanted to take me away from you. He told me I had no business in loving a 'lost cause'. 


Annabelle: Xavier you need help. Your heart is in the right place, but your going about these situations the wrong way. Do you want to end up like my father? Murdering his wife in a drunken rage and then continually beating his daughter for eleven years after the fact?


Xavier: I won't get caught...


Annabelle: Xavi, you're already caught. I'm sorry; I thought I loved you, and I do its just that I have enough crazy as it is. I can't take care of you too. I'm sorry Xavier.


Xavier{Outraged, his face contorting into a mask of rage.}: I trusted you! I killed my father for you! I protected you! I love you Anna!


Annabelle: I'm sorry. Officer Coal?


[Enter Officer Coal]


Officer C. : C'mon son, its going to be alright.


Xavier: But I love her. I did everything for her.


Officer C. : You didn't kill miss. Morris for Annabelle Andrews. You killed Taylor out of rage and jealousy.


Xavier: What's going to happen to Anna?


Officer C. :She's going to live a happy life without you or her father. I'll make sure of that.


The deems all throughout the stage besides where Annabelle stood, still clutching the kitchen knife to her chest. She let the tears she had held in during her confrontation with Xavier fall freely down her face. She was desperately in love with him; but she was telling him the truth when she said she had enough crazy for an army of men with PTSD. She laughed crazily and slid to the floor, pushing the knife aside. She had just broken up with her first boyfriend. She was alone. Her bully was gone; but Maggie, Xavier's sister lost her father; a good father. A father who was right about her; Annabelle was a lost cause. 

Annabelle looks up suddenly, looking towards stage right, where a white mist is forming. A figure of a woman started to appear before her, in the spot where her mother was killed so many years before.



Spirit: Anna sweetheart its time to wake up.


Annabelle: What are you talking about?


Spirit: Annabelle you have to wake up! (Annabelle felt herself being shaken vigorously. She opened her eyes slowly and found herself in a white room, with not an ounce of color except for the visitors around her. Some were faces she knew. Others she wasn't too sure of.)


Mrs. Andrews: Annabelle; oh sweetheart you're awake. Do you remember anything about what happened eleven years ago?


Annabelle: You're dead! No I'm dreaming what's going on?


Mr. Andrews: Sweetheart no, you're awake finally, you've been asleep for a very long time.


Annabelle: Get away from me!


Mrs. Andrews: Sweetheart what's wrong?


Annabelle: If this isn't a dream then dad didn't beat me for the past eleven years or murder you?


Mrs. Andrews: Your father would never lay a finger on you. And obviously I'm not dead. 


Annabelle: Hypothetically speaking and let's say I'm not dreaming right now and this is real. What happened that would land me in a hospital in a coma for eleven years?


Mrs. Andrews: I feel just awful. I was driving you to sleep over and I hitch a patch of loose gravel and I lost control of the car, we went over the edge of the cliff and rolled. You suffered severe brain damage and broken bones so they had to induce a coma while your brain healed. 'Hypothetically' speaking you must've dreamt up a world in where I was dead and your father was a monster. But everything's going to be fine, okay?


Annabelle: Okay. I'm tired.


Mr and Mrs. Andrews: Okay dear we'll be back later then. (Annabelle threw herself against her pillows the best she could as she was hooked up to like twenty different machines, she couldn't believe anything that was happening. She let herself be lulled to sleep by the Evening News.) 








Okay loyal fans of 'A Child's Worst Fear' what do you think of this plot twist? Is Annabelle really dreaming or is her being in a coma an answer she's been searching for, for eleven years? Why did she dream up Xavier? Is Alexandra still dead? Does she have friends waiting for her to wake up? While in her coma did she dream up an alternate reality where her father was a monster and her mother was dead and only bad things happened to her? Comment what you think and I'll try to update more often!



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