A Child's Worst Fear

This is going to be my first play. I don't how it will turn out, but I wanted to try it.

This is a story of a girl named Annabelle, she's just six years old living in an abusive environment. The only light in her dull, oppressive world is her mother. That is until an unspeakable event ruins everything she has to live for. Her father in a rage murders her mother, leaving her alone with a monster.

Years pass and she meets Xavier Winters, a smart, kind, and cute piano player at her school. It seems fate had given her another ray of hope, and a chance at love after all the years she lived without it. Will Xavier help Annabelle learn to love again or will he be taken away as well? Or will he prove to be just another monster?

Find out in 'A Child's Worst Fear.'

P.S- Any movellians under the age of thirteen should not read this play, it contains sexual content and innuendos. I don't want this removed so please, be responsible.


8. Act Five: Death Comes to All; Death Has no Favorites





Introduction: Annabelle sat alone, curled up into a ball underneath the bay window in her mother's sewing room. Her easel in the far corner, still with the portrait not yet finished of her mother. It was cold outside, she knew that but there she was dressed in denim shorts and her mother's tennis shirt. The wedges she had discarded in the closet. Her hair was a mess and she gripped the kitchen knife as if her life depended on it. Xavier hadn't gone home as she hoped he would. He was still on her front stoop, pounding on the door begging for her to let him in. So they could talk. She knew where that would get her, her own table in the county morgue. She let the tears fall freely as she replayed her life. Would it be better if she ended it right here, right now in the spot where her father tortured her mother so many times before? The spot where she swore she could still smell the scent of the Lily and Rose perfume of her mother, the metallic scent of her mother's blood still encrusted in the cherry hardwood floorboards? In California the amount of domestic violence claims were as common as Kim Kardashian's weddings and her divorces. She laughed slightly at herself. She could still hear Xavier begging her to let him in. Sounding like the old story of the Three Little Pigs. The knife gleamed as the sun cast its fading rays at her window. 


Annabelle couldn't bring herself to move, not even her hand in which the knife rested. She cried until her eyes could no longer stay open. She fell into a restless sleep. To the sound of Xavier's fists on her front door. 


The sun rose causing the sky to change from the deep blue of midnight to the soft pink of early morning. The brightness of the change woke Annabelle. She listened and could no longer hear Xavier banging on the door. She slowly stood, letting the knife hit the floor. She had school today was her first thought and then she remembered the school had granted them a week off so the police could solve the case and the student body could attend the funeral. They would never solve the case without her, how long could Annabelle lie to them? She moved sluggishly towards the bathroom. The bright light of the LCD lightbulbs burned her retinas and she shielded them with her arm. She looked at herself and winced. The week old bruise shone brightly under the bulbs and looked more grotesque than they did in person. 


Annabelle heard a bump from downstairs...suddenly very afraid she picked the first weapon she found, the toilet paper holder, made of stainless steel and had blunt sides. She moved slowly and carefully down the stairs.


[Enter Xavier]


Xavier: I was wondering when you would wake up.


Annabelle: How did you get in here?


Xavier: Your father did not hide his spare keys well.


Annabelle: What do you want?


Xavier: I understand your dilemma about lying to the police for me. I'm here to make it all better.(Xavier crept closer to Annabelle as she clutched her weapon of choice closer to her. His grin was sinister and she was afraid.)


Annabelle: What do you mean?


Xavier: You ask too many questions Anna.


Annabelle: Go away Xavier!


{Doorbell rings} [Enter Maggie]


(Annabelle goes to answer the door, never letting her eyes leave Xavier's)


Maggie: Hello, I saw my brother come here last night. He never came home, is he here?


Annabelle: You must be Maggie. Yes he's here.


Maggie: May I come in? He needs his medication.


Annabelle: Of course. (Annabelle moves aside to allow the twelve year old inside.)


Maggie: Xavier, you must come home now. Mother is worried.


Xavier: Alright Maggie. Good day Annabelle I'll see you soon. Oh here's your key.


Annabelle: Thank you Xavier. Thank you for coming over. {Exit Maggie and Xavier}



Scene Two: Death


Eric Andrews sat alone in the jail cell he was forced to call home. All he could think about was what he had done. He had put himself in this mess on his own doing. He had done everything wrong. He had killed his wife, tortured his daughter; he raped his own daughter. Now he couldn't even think of the reasons why. The jail cell was dark and cold. Little of the California heat reached the basements of the Police stations. He was awaiting his trial and he knew that he would be sentenced to life in jail, possibly without the possibility of parole. His daughter would never visit and somehow he knew she was in greater trouble now then she was when he was a free man. Somehow he knew that her new boyfriend, it was all over the news, his arrest the strange boy that helped his daughter escape the scene. Was more dangerous than he would ever be. 


Eric(aside): How could I possibly be so heartless? To leave my only daughter alone in a cruel world, a world much more cruel than the walls I forced her to grow up in? How can I possibly save her not only from me but from the boy who claims to love her? I have seen the video of his words of love, how can a boy fresh to a town filled with tragedy claim to love a girl with no friends, not well kept, layered with make up to hide the bruises I have bestowed her? How can I save her now from the monster, a monster much more gruesome and hideous than I?


{Enter a Guard}


Guard: Alright Andrews come with me.


Eric: Where are we going? Coleridge?


Guard: Your hearing, that's where we're going. And its officer Coleridge to you.


Eric: Will my daughter be there?


Guard: No, its a private hearing and I don't think she'd show even if she could come.


Eric: Do you know if she's safe?


Guard: There's no protection detail on her no. Does she need one?


Eric: I have enemies. I just want her to stay alive.


Guard: You could've fooled me. But we'll assign her a protection detail. 


Eric: Thank you. (The officer slapped the handcuffs on him, tightened them until Eric could see blood before the lead was fastened to the ankle cuffs. As Eric was led away he smiled, not like Xavier's smile but a genuine smile of thanks towards the officer who agreed to protect his daughter.)



Xavier sat in the kitchen of his new home, his mother cooking something she found on the Cooking Channel. His father sat a crossed from him, measuring out his medication, counting it to make sure Xavier had been taking it properly. His father was a tall man, full of muscle. His face had once been handsome, almost handsome enough to make it as a model, his face now was lined with scars, wrinkles, and laugh lines. Maggie sat in the doorway reading one of her advanced studies books. Xavier craned his neck to read the title, 'How to spot a Sociopath-by Dr. Agatha Freidmann.' His little brother Matthew stared at him with his wide eyed expression of hunger and awe. His family was always this silent when Xavier was home. He switched on the television and Annabelle's father popped into focus.


Newscaster: Eric Andrews the known petty thief, town drunk, and now murderer and child abuser is now being led to his private hearing. His daughter Annabelle Andrews is nowhere in sight and we are now being informed that she will not be in the picture until the trial. Annabelle was recently witnessed the murder of an Alexandra Green originally of Brooklyn New York, New York. 


Mrs. Winters: Isn't that your girlfriend's name Xavi?


Xavier: Yes. I told you she has a complicated life.


Mr. Winters: Its cruel that they're exploiting her life like this. After her father tortured her all her life and kill her mother. Now there's a murder at her school. The poor dear. Xavier why don't you invite her over for dinner?


Maggie: That sounds splendid Xavi. Please invite Anna over. She seemed so nice this morning.


Matthew: Ani! Ani! Xavi, Ani!


Mrs. Winters: If you don't Xavier I think Matthew will.


All: {Laugh}


Xavier: If you'll excuse me. I have a phone call to make. {Exit Xavier}


Maggie: We have to protect Annabelle! I swear he tried to kill her this morning. He killed that Alexandra girl! She was friends with Taylor!


Mr. Winters: Maggie? 


Maggie: She was holding a toilet paper holder dad, who does that when their boyfriend is over?


Mr. Winters: Someone who is afraid for their life. She grabbed the first object to found.


Maggie: And he returned keys to her. She was so afraid. I think she locked him out and he found a way in.


Mr. Winters: Can we lock him up now Evelyn?


Mrs. Winters: Thomas, he's my son, he's your son. I can't lock him away.


Mr. Winters: If we don't, that girl is going to end up like Taylor Morris and Alexandra Green...DEAD!


Mrs. Winters: Fine. You can drive him to West Field tomorrow then.




Annabelle sat on the couch, looking in her ABC soup for answers to her miserable life. She heard the doorbell ring again. She inched off the couch and went to answer the door. Reaching for an antique umbrella. She looked through the peephole and saw the officers who had arrested her father. She opened the door.


Officer One: Hello Annabelle.


Officer Two: Its nice to see you again.


Annabelle: Its nice to see you too. Um would you like to come in?


Both: Sure. (The officers entered the home and turned towards Annabelle.)


Annabelle: Is something wrong?


Officer One: The contrary. Your father's trial is scheduled for next week. Um he requested a protection detail for you.


Annabelle: He did? Um I'll gladly accept the offer.


Officer Two: Why?


Annabelle: My boyfriend- {The phone rings} One second. {Answers the phone} Hello?


Xavier: (On other end) Hello Anna, my parents want you to join us for dinner. Can you make it?


Annabelle: Um, I'll call you back. (Hangs up phone) Uh yea so my boyfriend is a sociopath.


Officer One: The boy that was here?


Annabelle: The very same. The Monday after the arrest he killed Alexandra Green and I have reason to believe he also killed Taylor Morris. 


Officer Two: Dierzyk, yeah its Antonio, we need a class Five protection detail on Annabelle Andrews.


Officer One: Don't engage him alone, alright?


Annabelle: He's my only friend. I don't know what to do. (Annabelle falls to the ground.) I'm alone. So alone.


Officer Two; Make that a Suicide Watch to. Copy that. 



Xavier sat next to the phone, waiting for the phone call that would never come. He imagined that Annabelle had been kidnapped and that was the reason why she wasn't calling him back. Or she was busy with friends, if she had any. She's probably worked up about the trial...she'll call back, she loves him doesn't she? She'll accept him for who he is, won't she?


[Enter Mr. Winters]


Xavier: Hello father.


Mr. Winters: Pack your bags Xavier. Your going to visit some relatives.


Xavier: Alright father. What does my relatives know about me?


Mr. Winters: Everything. Let's go Xavier she's not calling back.


Xavier: How would you know?


Mr. Winters: Because I loved a lost cause to when I was young. (Xavier jumped up and rushed towards his father, anger plastered on his handsome face. A knife gleamed in his outstretched hand.)


Xavier: SHE'S NOT A LOST CAUSE! I WILL SAVE HER! SHE WILL SAVE ME! ( The knife was dangerously close to his father's throat. His father's eyes were filled with fear, they glistened with tears.) Don't scream old man. Or I'll kill whoever comes to your pathetic rescue.


Mr. Winters: They're your family. We want what's best for you Xavier.


Xavier: Death comes to all, Father. Death has no favorites.(Xavier cuts a long jagged line a crossed his father's aged throat, and lets him fall into a heap. Barely breathing,) Good bye father. Tell the Devil hello for me won't you? (Xavier drops the knife when he hears his mother call for him.)


Mrs. Winters: Xavi, dinner! Thomas, dinner is ready.


Xavier: Father said he was feeling under the weather and went to bed early mother.


Mrs. Winters: Well alright.


(Maggie looks at her brother strangely before sitting down to the table.)


Maggie: Father is never sick, is he alright?


Xavier: He said he felt cold all over. And tense very tense.


Mrs. Winters: Poor dear, probably got it from work. I'll go check on him.


Xavier: NO! He just fell asleep it would be a shame if someone woke him.


Mrs. Winters: I suppose you're right Xavi.



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