Never Ever Letting you Go

Giselle was a pretty young girl , she was until she turned 16 she got in a gang . She stoled , lied , and killed . Her name is Giselle Mari Martinez . " Gis , lets go " Carmen Said " ok hold up " Giselle said as she walked in to her house leaving Justin behind . Everything from there changed .... Love u all


4. "What Happen Now ? "

**Justin's P.O.V **

I got a message from Twist I opened up the text and read: 

Come to the park now we have business . 

I rolled my eyes why can't they hold up till the morning , I texted back saying : 

 Its 2 in the fucking morning can't this wait till like 9 or something ! 

Rigth away I got a new text saying that the gang was there already , I groaned and got up to , I told them Ill be there in about 5 minutes . I threw on a black hoodie and grabbed my black SUPRA'S from under the bed and left . I just walked there it was only 6 minutes to get there . 


" Why couldn't you just tell me through the text " I told them " Justin this is important , we couldn't just tell you " Fredo said . I rolled my eyes . " What happen now ? Do I need to clean one of your messes for y'all ? What did you do ? " I asked all this damn question and no one answered them " Why you gonna text me to come if y'all don't fucking tell me whats going on ? " I spat at them . 

" It's more like what the fuck did you do " Miley growled . I widen my eyes , what did I do ? i asked myself . " What are you talking about " I asked confuse . " The wsc10 , threw a rock through the window about 20 minutes ago with a note attached to it saying : Stay the fuck away from the Girl , We got that friend of yours tell him to be careful . We'll come after him he threaten the girl . " Za said . 

" Wait what ? " I said . " Justin were you the one that talked to that girl after we told you she was fucking dangerous why do you never listen to us " Ryan spat . They were clearly mad at this . 

" Look i got fucking warned her to fucking stay away from here , i didn't know they were watching her , i didn't know they though i fucking threaten her "I simply said not caring what they said. " Thats good , but you shouldn't have messed with them now there after us " Za said . 

" Lets go home get sleep and in the morning well think of a plan ok " I said. " Yeah lets go home and get sleep and come back here at 11:25 no later than that " Twist said we all left  the park and I went back to sleep , Ill think of something . 

** Giselle's P.O.V ** 

I received a message from justin , I opened it and read it . Justin : Thanks to you your gang is on to my ass..What was he talking about , I texted back . Giselle : What are you talking about ?! .-. .

I send it to him , and waited till he received the message , what did Abby tell the gang ,  . Justin come on tell me what happen . 

Justin : Your gang send a message saying I fucking threaten you , why would you say that ?! What the actually fuck did they do . Giselle : What you never threaten me . 

" Ugh Im killing Maria , she fucking knew I was at the park and saw me and them there " I said out loud . Justin : Yeah I know , well now Im going to sleep . 

I didn't reply , I closed my eyes and hoped that this was all a dream Im having about him , I don't want him hurt , yes I know Im Giselle Marie Martinez , I have no feelings for no one , Im cold as ice . Yeah thats not me . I give a lot of people chances , but my temper is very short . Ill see whats up tomorrow . Right now Im sleeping . 


~ Hey guyss what do you think Of this CHAPTER , DO YOU LIKE OR NAH !? Well have a beautiful day cause I know i will , love you all ~JustinLovesMe 

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