Never Ever Letting you Go

Giselle was a pretty young girl , she was until she turned 16 she got in a gang . She stoled , lied , and killed . Her name is Giselle Mari Martinez . " Gis , lets go " Carmen Said " ok hold up " Giselle said as she walked in to her house leaving Justin behind . Everything from there changed .... Love u all


1. Prologue

I was running away from Canada , from Justin and from my past . I am at the airport right now , Im leaving Canada for my sake and my new coming baby on the way . Im running away from My gang , they found out that me and Justin were a thing and now Im running away from them especially from my brother , Jason and Derek , my cousin . I think I might go to Florida or Georgia no one will find me there . I need to get far away from home and go back to being American , or should I go to Mexico with my dad . Im sitting down thinking what I should do , but its too late , Jason was here . I put on a black hood on and walked to the line to get a ticket to Georgia, Atlanta . 

" Hi Miss what can I do for you today " the man said . " I'd like one ticket to Atlanta , please " I said I have a lot of money with me right now . I have over a billion . " ok whats your name " he asked . " Uhm Lizzy Greene " I said . " Yeah ok that'll be 150 dollars " I hurried and gave the money to the man , he gave me my ticket . 

" Alright hope to see you soon " I nodded my head and walked away to go board the plane , Bye Canada I'll see you in a few years . " GISELLE " I heard someone yell my name . I turned around and saw the one person Im trying to get away from , it was Justin he was looking around the whole area , I looked to where he was, Tears started to form in my my eyes but Im not letting them escape . 

" Bye Justin Im sorry I wasn't what you expected me to be , you're never going to meet her or him , Ill say you died when she was born . Bye forever Justin I love you so much I have to leave for your own good and her/ he . " I quietly whispered . Before i started to walk back to the plane . 

Im going to miss , this . But i'll have a piece of him with me . Someone bumped into me . " Oh Im so sorry I wasn't looking where I was going are you ok " I know that voice so well , it was him , Justin . " Yeah " I said and walked away from him . I looked back at his confuse face , it took him a while to realize it was me . 

" GISELLE WAIT " He yelled . " BABY WAIT " he said . I ran to the plane just in time to catch it . " You are just in time the plane is about to go " she said . " Yeah thanks here " I handed her the ticket and got in . Leaving my past behind . 



Hey guys I took down the other movella tell me what you think which one is better this one or the other one let me know ok ? I need to know if this is better then the other one ? I love you all Please comment/ like/ favorite / that would mean alot . ~Bieber

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