Never Ever Letting you Go

Giselle was a pretty young girl , she was until she turned 16 she got in a gang . She stoled , lied , and killed . Her name is Giselle Mari Martinez . " Gis , lets go " Carmen Said " ok hold up " Giselle said as she walked in to her house leaving Justin behind . Everything from there changed .... Love u all


2. Introduction

** Justin's P.O.V ** 

As usual i got up from bed and was walking to the bathroom . Oh hey by the way , Im Justin Drew Bieber , 19 and a half , Im almost 20 in about 4 days but whatever . Im in a gang of 7 . I live in Stratford , Canada in a big house cause of all the money I have . I have two siblings , My parents are divorced. Yeah thats it . I took off my clothes and got in the shower , Im going to meet the gang in a park thats where no other gang can go but us or our streets thats our rules , its about 6 minutes away from here so I'll be early for once . I finished with my shower and got out . I wrapped a towel around my self and got out .

I walked to my bed where my clothes where laid already . I put on black jeans with a white v neck . I put on black Jordan's and got my keys and phone . I ran to my Ferrari to unlock the door and got in . Hurry up justin you'll be late and they'll bull shit at you . I drove fast to the park .... I got out the car and made my way to the gang , it was : Alfredo , Za , Twist , Ryan , Chaz and Miley . But she's rarely around . Im like her younger brother . But at least she is here with us today . 

" Sup Bizzle " Za said . I nodded my head to what up him . " Got weed or anything " I asked . " yeah here catch " he threw me a joint . I inhaled the good shit and exhaled the bullshit . " So Justin , you got any new plans for us " Twist asked . " Yeah , this dude named Kylie he bought cocaine about 2 weeks ago and hasn't paid " I said. They nodded their heads . I looked around the park and notice a beautiful girl around my age . I smiled and she smiled back too she quickly looked away , Im guessing she was scared , Look at us we have tattoos except for Chaz he clean of tats . " Yo who's that girl " I asked . They widen their eyes once she saw her . " Justin , no stay away from her she's bad , she's not even suppose to be here " Miley spat and she has never done that .

She must be serious . " Whats wrong ? " I asked confused . " She's from WsC10 " Fredo said . Oh she's one of them . The most dangerous gang in Canada . " Oh ok whatever " I said and kept on smoking .

** Giselle's P.O.V ** 

I am at the park with Eli and Sam , there in the gang and are my bestfriends . I trust them . " Wait what are we doing here we're not suppose to be in the 7Og's territory . " Eli said . " Yeah I know but I haven't been in a park in awhile " I said . Oh yeah let me introduce myself , My name is Giselle Marie Martinez Im in a gang well the most dangerous one the WsC10 , I have 2 siblings an Older brother , Derek , he is part of the gang but not really . I have a twin , Carmen Marie Martinez . Im 19 years old , I just turned 19 a week ago , Yeah thats it . " Ok but if they come near here we'll run " Sam said . I nodded my head . We were talking and I turned a little and that same guys that stared at me smiled .

I smiled back and quickly regretted it and talked with them about how Im single and not looking for any one .I turned around and saw the dude was by himself and he was walking ... 


Tell me what you think ok Im really trying to change the whole story a little . I need you to comment / likes / favorites . Ok love you guys a lot , Happy birthday to who ever it is . I LOVE YOU ~BieberSmile 

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