Never Ever Letting you Go

Giselle was a pretty young girl , she was until she turned 16 she got in a gang . She stoled , lied , and killed . Her name is Giselle Mari Martinez . " Gis , lets go " Carmen Said " ok hold up " Giselle said as she walked in to her house leaving Justin behind . Everything from there changed .... Love u all


3. Giselle Marie Martinez

** Justin's P.O.V ** 

The gang left about 30 minutes ago now Im by myself , I looked back at the girl , she was still there with her 2 friends , I stood up and walked to her , she stood up and so did her friends . They looked confused . I got there and said " May I have a word with you please " I asked as kind as i could . She nodded her head and followed me to the bench where i was sitting . " What are you and your friends doing here ? " I asked " If you can't see Im here talking looking at the view " her voice was so sweet . 

" I know you're in the gang , you're not suppose to be here and you know it " My voice soften as I spoke " I know you do , I'll go with my friends now " She walked back to her friends and i just watched her leave the park . I just remember that I had a gun under my shirt , just in case I need it for protection , Im guessing she saw it and left cause of it . I left right after she did . I was hungry so I went to Mcdonalds and got a Big Mac , fries and Sprite . I went back home and got in my room and my phone started to ring . I looked at the Caller ID , it was unknown . " I started from the bottom no-" I picked up my phone " i saw that gun of yours you better keep it hidden " It was her , but I don't remember giving her y number . 

" How did you get my number i never gave it to you and I never asked but what is your name " I asked a little confuse . " Im from the WsC10 , I can get whatever i want and my name is Giselle Marie Martinez , but my friends call me Gis for short . Im Mexican and Canadian . Whats your name " She asked . " My name is Justin Drew Bieber , Im Canadian . Look Im not suppose to talk to you , but don't ever come back to my territory again ok bye " I hung up on her . I looked at the clock its 8:34 in the night . I walk to the bathroom and brushed my teeth , once I was done I took off my shirt and pants and put on my pajama pants . I couldn't sleep , I was thinking of Giselle and how mean I was to her bye hanging up . I slowly closed my eyes and fell asleep . 

**  Giselle's P.O.V ** 

After he hung up on me I was shocked on how mean he was and just hung up like that , no one ever has hung up like that . Except for Jason or Derek . You may be asking how I got his phone number , well i got his phone while he wasn't looking for it and got his phone number . 

The last thing that kept on playing was what he said . " Don't come back to my territory again " I walked upstairs to take a really quick shower , once I was done taking the shower and wrapped a towel around my wet body , I got out and walked over to my closet to get an oversize shirt , it was my friends , Jonathan's he forgot here when his house was being changed . 

" Ugh I want my old life back, " I said out loud , no one can hear me I live in a small but big house all by myself . " I never wanted to this to happen to me , but I had to make a choice and i chose this not going back now " i said . 

I got in bed and got my phone from the night stand and got on Instagram , i look a picture of me . with the caption : Going to sleep see y'all in the morning night loves . c; . 

I got out and went on Twitter . I wished dad was here but sadly he is Mexico for some reason . I tweeted : Going to sleep , Night !!! . 

I locked my Iphone 5s so if Mayra comes she wont log in . I closed my eyes and drifted off to sleep . With all my nightmares . 

** Justin's P.O.V ** 

I got a message at 2 in the morning . I groaned " Who in the world would text this early . " I said annoyed . I looked at the message and read .......


What do you guys think Im changing it up a but for y'all . Let me know what you think I NEED TO KNOW IF THIS IS BETTER OR THE OTHER ONE PLEAE COMMENT cx ~BieberSmile 



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