My High School Love Story <3

This a story about Alex who is neither a geek nor a homecoming princess ....!! Alex is a girl who loves to follow her dream <3 ...!!! what happens when she meets harry the school jock ???


3. basketball match


    before the basket ball match 

    alex s pov 

    first day itself i bumped into a jock and i got noticed by people ... i don t know how the cheer leading squad are gonna react to this but defenitley harry must have a girlfriend a hot slutty cheer leading girlfriend for sure because he was super hot .. ALEX DON T FALL FOR HIM.... am i falling for him....???? noooooo 


ok then i ll go watch  the match anyhow 1st period was free for me 


i went and sat were there was place omg it was totally crowded with teenage kid .. people kept shouting harry s name coz he was the captain maybe or even the hottest guy there ....!! 

they were having some kind of practice there i noticed harry constantly kept  looking at me.... at some point of time it was real weird . i dint know why but it was a little uncomfortable for me . 


then i was jus looking at the new kids there but i found marley sitting with cute guy ..... she was blushing while talking to him so was he ... they make a cute couple .....

i directed myself towards them ... marley finally found i was there " hi twin" she said  i chuckled a little and said "hi marley rose " "so who is this ?" i added and winked at her ... she blushed and answered "liam payne a new uhhh friend of mine "  she said . he was laughing a little "FRIEND OR ???" I STARTED BUT she interupted by saying "friends for now " i smirked at her she gave me a SHUT UP look i spaced myself near marley 


during the match

people went on screaming omg  the stadium was filled with too much of noise ...harry shot a basket the crowd went crazy .. the head cheerleader came and kissed harry.... i was like YOU CANT DO THIS IN BETWEEN A MATCH....

liam said" that is melanie the head cheerleder " "who cares about her" i said marley pinched me from behind and said "NEW SCHOOL KID dont talk to liam like that ok "   i was like okkk . really i wasnt jealous of harry and melanie .. it s dat melanie doesnt deserve harry ...


harry glanced at me every now and then i dint know what made me smile about that....  

and finally our school won so they were throwing a party i wish i could go but no one invited me so we ll see...


myself liam and marley marched to the canteen ... he said he also had 4 more friend but he ll introduced the later.... WESTSIDE HIGHSCHOOL WAS CRAZY ....!!! most of the girls and boys were snogging each other... in our school girls and boys werent allowed to talk much ... so this stuff is new to me but not marley coz she has 3 brothers soo talking to boys wasnt a problem for her ...!!!


harry came with his basketball jersey to the canteen with his caked face barbie girlfriend melanie suddenly "harry " some familiar voice shouted it was none other than liam .. SHIT what was he doing .... inviting me for a trouble .. god ... melanie and harry came to our table and then .........................................................  



dont worry i ll keep updatin








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