In Essence...

All in essence is some golden precepts if understood and followed the universal brotherhood will be established.


1. Golden Precepts

Clarity of vision deep perception

full sanctity total dedication

no thought of result no anticipation of reward

such actions liberate mind from stress and strain.


Work becomes worship

less self interest more philanthropic

wisdom and knowledge imparted

art of living grants peace.


Passions and prejudices reduced

no interference no hurt

no desire for something to happen

just the acceptance and the will to deal with.


`Treat thy neighbor as thy self`

an awareness that others' needs are similar to our needs

hearts connected merged undifferentiated

flourish on oneness of spirit equality liberty fraternity.


`Easier said than done`we say

but once done one's unity with whole of humanity

experience peace invaluable

for which we crave otherwise in vain.


Sympathetic to weak inspiration from strong

analysis that helps to grow

not criticism that leads to downfall

life treated as a challenge not as a problem.


Instead of speculating why we were born

or wallowing in self pity

focus on how to live in the best possible way

as life is a precious gift given only once to use it wisely.


All religions are but different shades

painted by the same brush of divinity

religion of humanity is that matters most

that defines whatever a person needs the nation needs.


Our souls merged in infinite essence

our purpose shaped in to the purpose of our earth

our lives tuned identical with the universal plan

`That Is All In Essence`.


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