Rose Daniels is a normal 16 year old girl who goes to school. Its now the fall and school has started again. But there is 5 new students. All mysterious. All cute. All monsters...


1. Prologue


Beep! Beep! Beep! Ugh shut up you stupid alarm clock. Hi I'm Rose Daniels and I'm 16. I am a brunette with emerald green eyes. And as you can see I don't like mornings. Especially not the first day of school. I decided to get up and get ready. Had to make myself look good since me and my best friends were as some people say the perfect people. They are called Shelby, Alex and Olivia. OK so that's my life story. I got into the warm shower and washed, got out, brushed my teeth and got dressed. I decided to wear my tribal print vest, my white shorts and my white TOMS. I grabbed my white Prada handbag and some money and left my huge house. I texted Shelby, Alex and Olivia saying to meet me at the bottom of the hill i live on. Within five minutes we were all there and we started our journey to school. After 10 minutes of chatting and messing around we finally got to school. But it was different. It was cold. Dark. Unusual. There were five new students stood at the doors. They looked mysterious. Cute. And different. One had bright blonde hair and gorgeous blue eyes. One had quiffed dark hair with a blonde highlight in it and hazel eyes. Two on the right had swept brown hair but one with brown eyes and the other with blue. But to me the one in the middle stood out. He had beautiful long brown curly locks and gorgeous emerald green eyes. He saw me staring. His eyes were so hypnotizing. Wait what am I thinking. I have an amazing boyfriend. Me and my friends all had boyfriends. I went out with Adam the cutest boy in school, Shelby went out with a boy called Richie, Alex went out with Lee and Olivia went out with a boy called Lewis. They were best friends. All the girls wanted them. All the boys wanted us. Thats how life was. "ROSE!" Alex yelled. "What?!" I asked. "Stop daydreaming! Adam is here." Shelby said. " Oh hey baby!" I said before he pulled me into a hug and kissed me. We were stood there for five minutes kissing until I pulled up for air and saw the curly haired boy storm off. RING RING RING!!!!!!!!!!! Oh great time for registration. "Bye baby boo" Adam said giving me a peck. "See you later!" I said back. I walked towards my registration room hoping to see Alex. We were always in the same tutor. When I got there I saw her. Chating to Curly haired boy!? I walked over and said "hey". "Hey Rose! This is Harry Styles. He is new". Alex said. "Hey Harry" I say. "Hey" he replies. "Um Alex can I talk to Rose alone please?" Harry asked. "Of course Harry!" Alex said and then she winked at me. "Um hi?" I said to him. "Rose. Your gorgeous." He says. "Oh god no please don't" I reply. "What?" he asks. " New boys. Whenever there is a new guy they always fall for me. Harry before this happens to you I... I have a boyfriend." I say. "One date just please?" He asks. "No I'm sorry. I can't." I say. And with that I left him. And that's when my nightmare began...

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