Rose Daniels is a normal 16 year old girl who goes to school. Its now the fall and school has started again. But there is 5 new students. All mysterious. All cute. All monsters...


5. Chapter 4

As I turned around I saw an angry face. A threatening face. A Harry face. "GET OFF OF HER!" Harry yelled before pushing him against the wall and saying "GO NEAR HER AGAIN AND YOUR DEAD! NOW GO!" Harry yelled before turning back to me. "AND YOU! I SHOULD TELL ADAM!" Yelled Harry, still angry. As he walked over to me quickly he pushed me up against the wall "YOUR NOTHING! YOUR JUST A SLUT!" Harry yelled as I shook in fear. Then he stopped being angry. He stopped holding me, this resulting in me falling to the floor. His eyes which I noticed were a blood red changed back to his Green-blue eyes as he blinked with his dark long eyelashes. "Rose. I'm so sorry! Please. Stay away from me!" Harry said with tears in his eyes as he ran away down the lonely corridors. I slowly got up as I looked at my bruised arm. Part of my arm was lumpy and purple. Great. This means long sleeved shirts for me. Just great. I quickly checked the time on my phone. OK its 11:40 which means Miss Walker will be out to get me and Lee in 10 minutes. Oh wait. Lee is gone. I decided to follow Harry's muddy footprints to wherever he got too because I was lonely and bored. I was following the footprints for five minutes when I found the last print. Outside the cleaners closet. I slowly opened the door and found him sat on a messy bag crying. "Harry why are you crying for?" I whispered to him. "B-Because I hurt you" He said. "Harry its OK I'm not hurt!" I quietly shouted in a kind tone. "B-But I'm dangerous!" He cried as I put my arm gently around him. "No Harry your not dangerous!" I said worriedly. " But I'm different. I'm not like you Rose!" He said shakily. "How are you different Harry?" You ask. "I'm not one of your kind. That's all I'm saying" He said mysteriously. "Rose you have something on you. One second" He says as his hand brushes my shirt gently as he gets it off. Then he lifts my head and places his lips on mine. For a few seconds I was stunned and didn't kiss back. Then when I joined the kiss, It was like a broken heart connecting. There was so much sparks that we could use our electricity to power the world. When we stopped and pulled back my lips were cold and I watched as Harry smiled at me. Then I realized what I had done. "HARRY! WHY DID YOU DO THAT?!?" I yell at him. "Rose I love you. And I WILL have you eventually. One way or another. You WILL be mine. Now. Bye" He says as I watch him walk away. I check my phone to see what the time was. It was only 10:47. I quickly walked to class and saw Lee there with a HUGE black eye. "LEE OH MY GOD WHAT HAPPENED?!?!?!?!" I yell worriedly as I go and hug him. "Harry happened!"He said hugging me back. "Don't worry. He wont be a problem anymore" I say as I kiss his forehead. 

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