Rose Daniels is a normal 16 year old girl who goes to school. Its now the fall and school has started again. But there is 5 new students. All mysterious. All cute. All monsters...


4. Chapter 3

I looked at my timetable and I saw that I had Maths. I walked in and saw my new maths teacher Miss Walker. I saw that i was only the 7th person in the room. I sat down and got out my pen and notebook. When I looked up I saw that my whole table was crowded with boys. And they were all looking at me. As soon as I looked up they ran back to their tables and I looked at the door and saw Louis I think enter the classroom. "HELLO PEASANTS!" He yelled. "Louis quiet down!" Miss Walker said. I saw Shelby following after him giggling. "Shelby over here!" I called to her. "Come on Louis!" Shelby said to him. Louis was trying to climb out of a window yelling "KEVIN! DON'T LEAVE ME KEVIN!". Just so you know it was a damn PIGEON! "LOUIS SIT DOWN AND SHUT UP!" Yelled Miss Walker. Louis walked over to Shelby and fake cried on her shoulder. "Shh aw don't worry Louis boo" Shelby said quietly to him. "HE HE YOU SMELL LIKE CARROTS AND CREAM!" Louis yelled at the top of his lungs. "He he thanks boo bear!" Shelby replied. By then everyone had came into the classroom. "OK class chose a space and no I don't do seating plans!" Miss Walker said. "YAYYYY!!!" Everyone yelled. My table was quickly filled. On it was a boy called Lee who is Alex's boyfriend, me, Shelby, Louis, a girl called Chloe and a boy called Ky. The others sadly filled in the other tables, upset that they couldn't get places on mine and Shelby's table. "Ok Lee come and give out some books with Rose" Miss Walker said. I got up and grabbed the books. Lacie, who just realized I was walking near her stuck at her orange leg and tripped me up. As I flew and nearly fell, I saw that Lee caught me and since he had books, he threw them at Lacie who squealed like a dying Chihuahua. Everyone wolf whistled at me and Lee then stuck their attention to Lacie who had a bruised lip and was crying and laughed at her. "ROSE AND LEE STAND OUTSIDE WHILST I DEAL WITH LACIE!" Shelby and Louis gave me a small smile as me and Lee walked out the classroom. As soon as we were outside the classroom, out of everyones sight, I gave Lee a huge hug. As I pulled away, I felt soft lips touch mine as we matched eachothers lips perfectly. We stood there snogging for five minutes as we pulled away and realised what we had done. Then I heard a growl come from behind me, as Lee looked in shock.


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