Rose Daniels is a normal 16 year old girl who goes to school. Its now the fall and school has started again. But there is 5 new students. All mysterious. All cute. All monsters...


3. Chapter 2

Harry was staring right at me. I didn't want to sit next to him so I sat next to Richie because he was in this class. Miss Flack the new English teacher walked in and said that she had a seating plan. Once again everyone groaned. "OK so David next to Cole, Louise next to Marcel, Johnny next to Richie, Amie next to Lexi, Lewis next to Chloe, Veronica next to Vanessa, James next to Owen, Abbey next to Lucas, Chelsea next to Shannon and Rose next to Harry. Miss Flack said. "Now hurry up and get into your assigned seats". As we sat down Harry smirked at me. "Hey Rose" Harry said. "Leave me alone or else!" I whispered loudly. "Why should I?" He said. " Because I have a boyfriend!" I replied. "Oh yeah that worthless piece of dirt! Rose can I just ask you something? Why do you love him? He is stupid and pathetic! YOU DESERVE WAY BETTER ROSE PLEASE JUST ONE CHANCE!?" Harry quietly yelled. "DO NOT CALL ADAM THAT YOUR THE PATHETIC ONE JUST FORGET ABOUT ONE CHANCE! I HATE YOU STAY OUT OF MY LIFE!!!!" I yelled at the top of my lungs. "MISS DANIELS AND MR STYLES OUTSIDE NOW!" Yelled Miss Flack. I stormed out and harry stalked behind slowly. "Sorry" Harry murmured quietly. "So am I" I say back. After that we stood there silently for another five minutes when Miss Flack came out in the hallway and told us we had detention. After that the bell rung and I went to meet my friends in the cafeteria. When I saw them I ran up to them and jumped onto Adam. "Hey Baby!" I said before kissing him. His tongue swiped my lip and to tease him I denied entry. Knowing Adam he wouldn't give up. And he didn't. He playfully squeezed my bum and as I gasped he slipped in his tongue. We stood there for 2 and a half minutes. When we parted we were breathless. I went up to where the snacks were and i bought a apple and a Pepsi then went back to my friends. I saw Harry and his friends looking at us. Niall was staring at Olivia, Zayn was staring at Alex, swept hair and brown eyes was staring at my friend Katie, swept hair and blue eyes was staring at Shelby and of course Harry was looking at me. I poked Shelby and pointed to them. Then I saw Alex walk over to them and invite them to join us. I quickly told Shelby everything. Alex returned with the five boys following her like lost puppy's. "OK everyone this is Zayn, Niall, Harry, Louis and Liam. Boys this is Rose, Shelby, Olivia, Katie, Adam, Richie, Lewis and Ben!" Alex said. We all said hey but zayn, Liam, Niall and Louis asked if they could talk to me alone. I looked up at Adam and he nodded. I went into the corridor with them and Zayn walked forwards. "You must be special. We are different to all of you. Harry told us he likes you. And when he likes someone he turns. He gets what he wants. One way or another" Zayn whispered. "Be careful" Said Louis. And with that they walked off and the bell rang signalling it was third lesson. I just hoped I was with one of my friends.


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