Rose Daniels is a normal 16 year old girl who goes to school. Its now the fall and school has started again. But there is 5 new students. All mysterious. All cute. All monsters...


2. Chapter 1

I walked to first lesson with Adam. We were hand in hand. We just found out he was in 50% of my classes. We had art and my art skills are amazing. Everyone compliments me at it. I love it. When we got there I looked to see who was in my class. 2 of the 5 new guys were there. The quiff an blonde streak and the cute blonde boy. They looked up an smirked at me. I think Harry told them about me. Just to annoy them I grabbed Adam and kissed him passionately. His tongue swiped my lip and I let him explore my mouth. Our tongues danced for about four minutes when the teacher Mr. Sheeran entered. "Sorry I'm late class I just had to finish your seating plan!" he said. The whole class groaned. "Ok now On table one will be Lacey, Adam, Rose and the two new boys whose names are Niall and Zayn." mr. Sheeran said. Yay and boo. I hate Lacey. She is such a slut. She is in love with Adam. We walked to the first table and sat down. He went through the other seats and started the lesson. " OK so for to days lesson you have to draw the person across from you. I have your new sketch books so come and collect one!" Mr Sheeran said. Since we were drawing the person across from us i was drawing Zayn and he was drawing me. Great. Note the sarcasm. I started drawing him and noticed he looked like an older Adam. I drew his face in high detail. I noticed that he had both of his ears pierced. He was wearing a varsity jacket and dark denim jeans with white TOMS. Like I said earlier he has perfect brown eyes. But they sure as hell ain't as sexy as Adams crystal blue eyes. But a pair of emerald green eyes were even more mesmerising as Adams. I hope Adam doesnt find out. He will be heart broken and dump me. Oh well just shut up mind and carry on working!

~45 minutes later~

I had just finished and i looked at everyone else. Zayn was finished drawing me. Lacey and Adam drew each other. Lacey made Adam look like a idiot clown. Adam drew Lacey and decided to paint her make up on. Wise. It made her look worse which made me happy. Both had'nt finished. Niall had to draw Mr. Sheeran and Mr. Sheeran drew Niall. After about five more minutes the bell rang and i walked to English. Adam wasn't in my English but somebody was. Somebody cute. Mysterious. Flirtatious...

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