What will happen when we get out of control

What will happen when Harry potter and his friends great gran kids go out of control and have to get shipped to a muggle school me and my school friend r in it as well


9. Time to make the house,what the heck?

pebble's pov 



tonks said something then,"right I will make a house and then all together can you all say engrosio 6 times"

"Engrosio engrosio engrosio engrosio engrosio engrosio"we all chanted in perfect harmony. Then suddenly a house the size of 6 Hogwarts appeared  it was massive. "Right go and choose your rooms you all have en-suits and living rooms. We all piled in and saw a kitchen the size of the greathall it  was massive There was a treasure chest full of galleons sickles and knuts we were RICH. "Oh yea,you can also all apperate and dissaperate"lupin said casually. He had dropped the bombshell we all started dancing about the kitchen screaming this was the BEST place in the world.i went upstairs first and picked my room it was massive I went into the bathroom and saw a door I  knocked and entered cleo was next door.together we went across the landing and knocked that was bluebells room all three of us went further down to the second to last door on the landing and knocked. Barbie opened the door and said all come in.

we chatted until about 10:30 when tonks came in and said time to go to sleep because we start a muggle school called florendine tomorrow 

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