What will happen when we get out of control

What will happen when Harry potter and his friends great gran kids go out of control and have to get shipped to a muggle school me and my school friend r in it as well


14. Time for saffron to go C.I.A

cleopatras pov 



As we got onto the playground the others went of to play with the buddy's and left me with the Harry potter freak.

"oh great"I thought as she went back inside to get her book.

she came back out then.

"hey cleo,oh wait you don't mind cleo do you?" She asked 

"corse not"I replied.

" Kk,so cleo, I know every single Harry potter book of by heart and all of the films of by heart.so i was wondering,what school did you go to before you came to this one?" She asked inquisitively 

"Hog..Hogmorts I quickly corrected my self.

"ar so it starts with Hog does it.you see you look egzacly like ginny but with lunas hair,I would say that you did go to HOGWARTS you were ginnys  relative and you are ether a metamorphagus or that is your natural hair colour". She said in a hushed tone.


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