What will happen when we get out of control

What will happen when Harry potter and his friends great gran kids go out of control and have to get shipped to a muggle school me and my school friend r in it as well


11. Getting ready


Cleopatras pov 



as we woke up at 8:30 lupin came in and said that we will apperate to the alleyway by are new school florendine primary and the walk the rest  of the way school starts at 9:00.then tonks came in, today sporting purple and pink hair down to her bum,and said time to get ready. also cleo this is a spell repeat it and you will be able to change you appearance at will so you are kinda the same as me,I'm going to go and tell the others. I got up then and picked  up the paper that tonks had given me and said the spell apperencious and then I imagined myself with hair like Luna Lovegood (dirty blond) a d that it was down to my knees.and there it was it was actually real.I put my uniform on then,it was a red cardigan with the florendine badge on 

And my white shirt with a knee length skirt and white knee highs and black brogues. 

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