What will happen when we get out of control

What will happen when Harry potter and his friends great gran kids go out of control and have to get shipped to a muggle school me and my school friend r in it as well


12. Florendine

pebbles pov 


i went down stairs when I had got dressed I changed my hair to luna's  with it coming down to my bum.as cleo made her way down to the kitchen I realised ironically enough we had the same hair but hers is longer.we fell about laughing then.bluebell and Barbie came down then with red and yellow strips in there hair.the said then that me and cleo looked like twins. So the we decided something me and cleo would pretend that we were twins so we were to sets of twins tonks said it was a fab idea.i looked  at the time then,"BLOODY  HELL" I exclaimed we had 5 minutes left."arrrrrrrrgh"blue said we quickly  scoffed down are pancakes with Nutella and Rassberrys. After we ate,tonks and lupin grabbed are hands and apperated to the allyway.as we arrived people kept staring at us,we all had are wands on us just in case.lupin had turned then into pens so we could keep them on us at all times.as we made are way to school I whispered to cleo "I'm scared"." Don't be " she replied she had always been the more outgoing one,she is a slytherin I suppose.we finally got into the school grounds we all sauntered to are new class mr hudsons.when we got into the playground we said goodbye to tonks and lupin.i realised that blue and barbies hair was attracting lots of stares from boys and girls alike.



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