What will happen when we get out of control

What will happen when Harry potter and his friends great gran kids go out of control and have to get shipped to a muggle school me and my school friend r in it as well


6. Anyone left?

miley  pov 

as I looked around the platform I saw that there we only one  set of auras let.As I could mind read I saw that the pair of auras were only going to take on of us but sadly there were two of us left.people tended to steer clear of me since I'm kinda maybe a vampire. There I said it take the mick out of me I don't care.who am I kidding I hate it I have been to 14 different schools and this is my last one a d my one last hope.I live in a wizarding kids home run by cleopatra s mom and dad candyfloss and Sirius.the different schools I have been to are:


durmstrang(yes I know right I dressed up as a boy for 3 hole months)


salam witch institute 



district 55

vampire rehab(I killed someone at district 55 and that is a breech of the law)


Mocking fly




Suddenly I se something flick into the woman's head and I like it,


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