A whirlwind adventure, full of action, romance and dust.


3. Bright Lights

I felt like someone had pulled apart my limbs and then haphazardly put them back together again. Letting go of Aaron’s arm, I stumbled a few steps forward to find myself not on the top of Birnam hill anymore but in what seemed to be a large field.

“Where the hell are we?” I asked, turning around to find Aaron resting casually against a tree. “We are at my secret lair of course” he said a smirk sliding onto his face. I cocked an eyebrow at him, “Sure we are, is this the part where you tie me up and blindfold me, so I won’t know how to escape?” I drawled sarcastically. “Well I could tie you up and blindfold you if that’s what your into” He laughed raucously and I blushed glaring at him. Stupid boys. “No, but seriously where are we? You didn’t actually bring me in some weird magic portal travel thingy to a field in the middle of nowhere to just ‘talk’ did you?” I asked him quizzically. Judging by the vanish of the smile off his face, I was right. “Come on then,’ He said, I could have sworn there was a hint of sadness to his words.


He turned and started walking I immediately followed him. We walked for about 15 minutes through fields and trees until he came to a stop randomly. Neither of us had spoken the whole time, so I jumped when he said ‘Come here a minute Cas’. I frowned at his use of Cas instead of Cassie, nobody called me Cas except sometimes my mother. Ignoring this, I walked round to his side. He turned and flashed me a grin before producing an elaborate key. Watching incredulously, I watched as he placed the key directly in front of him. The key glowed for a few seconds before a heard a loud click. ‘Watch your step” I hear Aaron say as he gently pushed me back slightly. I suddenly realised why as the ground started to shift and move to form a grassy staircase that led down further into the ground.


I cautiously followed Aaron as he led the way down the staircase. The light from the sun getting less and less with every step we took until we were in complete darkness. “Hey are you ok Cas?” I heard Aaron say before I felt him grab my hand. I tried to ignore the thrills that went through me when he did this. He only did that so you wouldn’t fall and flatten him in the process, I kept telling myself.


 “We’re nearly there” I could feel Aaron’s breath on my neck as he said this. “Now, it can be really bright when you enter so, just close your eyes and look to the side to give your eyes time to adjust okay,” I nodded then felt stupid because it was pitch black and he couldn’t see me nodding. “Okay here we are, look to the side in 3, 2, now!” I turned my head quickly to the side and I could feel bright white light glaring down on my eyelids. Aaron’s right I thought to myself, from the darkness of the tunnel to the bright light, I’m surprised I wasn’t blinded, even with turning to the side. I counted to ten in my head before opening my eyes and turning back, to see Aaron smiling at me. It suddenly occurred to me he hadn't had to close his eyes. ‘Your about to ask me why I don’t need to close my eyes aren’t you?” I nodded the question dying on my lips. “Well all will be revealed soon, now princess, we have lots of work to do” He grabbed my shoulders and steered me into the bright white light. I didn’t even have time to appreciate his use of princess.

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