Cody and I

Madison is a young girl with many disorders. She only has one true friend, who will always be there for her, her mother on the other hand wants her dead. Madison and Cody make an escape plan to start fresh, only until they realized there passports don't agree.


1. Another horrible day

I scroll through my timeline; “tbh I love your legs, your eyes are perfection and you're gorgeous in general,” but I don’t feel gorgeous, my legs are scarred above the knee and my eyes may as well be red. She goes down a few posts; “dislike – you've changed, for the bad I think it’s because of your new friend, Cody or whatever his name is.” I keep going until about Christmas 2011, going through the times when I was slightly happier. I wonder when it all changed, when I changed from happy little Madison to ugly possessed Madison.

I look down to my wrists, blood flowing everywhere. I press down and stop the blood and then pull down my sleeve so nobody notices. I check my watch; 2:49 am it reads, I then collect my journal and write about how horrible my day has been. I usually try and write at least one good thing each day, but today I fail. A drop of blood falls onto the piece of thin paper, followed by a tear. I continue to write, this is the only other way to get my feelings out. I write how I gained a kilo, how I was stuck on a 2.5 hour train ride to get some groceries right next to someone who wouldn't stop snoring and as soon as I step foot inside the house, my mum hits me. “That’s not the right milk,” she screams, with every second word being a curse. I run off to my bedroom, slam the door and yell at anything, anyone. I hear my mum from below me yell at me about me not having dinner. I guess it’s for the better, right? I'm fat anyway so she's helping me starve. And that’s lead me to where I am now. I pull up my shirt and find my burns not healing either.

I wake up the next morning an hour late for school and my mum looking less than impressed. “I'm not paying the school for letting you sleep” she screams. I hurry into some jeans and a jacket, regardless of it being 30 plus degrees (Celsius) outside. I'm off to school with no food, no money or no books.

Cody welcomes me with a warming hug, he too must’ve been an hour or so late. He’s the only one who understands me. He’s the only one who knows about all my scars, cuts, burns and suicide attempts. He’s the only one who knows about my anxiety, abuse, social and weight problems. And I know about his too. I begin to cry, with him wiping away every single tear sliding down my face. He simply looks at me and I just agree.

We catch the next bus out of this hell-hole. We end up at the cinemas. He pulls out two tickets to watch only my favorite movie of all time. After the movies we walk outside to be greeted by two policemen, my mum and Cody’s parents. This made my decent day to the worst ever.I move my hand to the right and begin flicking my wrist with a rubber band. Cody moves my hand back, stopping me from harm and reassuring I'm alright, that I'm breathing. We are driven back to the police station. I can see the fury in the parents’ eyes, this one I know I can’t escape from. I start flicking my wrists again. The police officers call the school and Cody and I are immediately expelled, only making my life worse. It’s not like I cared about school, it’s just that my mum did, I'm not sure why, she cleans tables as a living, what schooling is necessary in that?

I get driven home and get a 5 minute lecture about how much that cost me and that it will be put to my file blah blah blah. I get home and mum throws about a dozen hits to my direction, I dodge a couple. I go to the mirror and see my eye has swollen. My mum yells a few curse words, says I'm grounded for as long as I live under her roof, and that I am never to see “that foolish boy” ever again.

Once I know she has calmed down a tiny bit, I jump out my window and see Cody barely able to stand. He looks like he was given a bashing too, we just hug, tears falling down both our faces. We stand for a few minutes; just us two, nothing could ever separate us at this point.

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