Stuck into two worlds

I live two lives. Online and in real life.


2. The morning after.

I woke up and my body felt numb, well till I started to move. Everything hurted and then last night came back. It was him again. Why did he do this to me? I never did anything to him. On this moments I wished that I still lived with my mom and dad, they would take care of me. I miss them a lot. Why did they disown me? Because my father abused me and I went to the police? Great excuse to disown your own daughter, your own blood and flesh. I had to many questions and my mind felt like exploding. Time to get ready, classes start at 10 today. I jumped out of my bed and my back hurted very much. I always cover up my wounds cause I don't want anyone to see them. I get a black top and a vest which is way to big but seems pretty cool when I wear it. I also put on some black leggings and vans in the same pink colour as the stripes on my vest. I put my hair in a bun and put a beanie over it, I also put some foundation around my nose and on my cheeks so you can't see all the bruises. Normally i'm not the type of make-up girl but I always have foundation in house cause I know he will never stop, as in ever. I go to the toilet, do my thing, if you know what I mean and walk to the kitchen. It's now 09:17 so I still got 13 minutes till I need to walk to the bus station. I took an apple and bite in it. The sour taste floats through my mouth and I liked it. While eating the apple I put everything I need in my bag and get my phone. I press my homebutton and of course nobody had text, called or even whatsapped me. It doesn't really matter cause I'm used to it. I don't have friends or family and I know it. I feel tears forming in my eyes but I blink them away. My life wasn't always so messed up. People never bullied me and when I was home everything was perfect. Well, till my father came home. Everything that happends was always my fault, he didn't get a job, I would get the fault and he would start hitting me. It wasn't always like that. He started beating me when I was 8 and I was disowned at the age of 15, and that's also when I bought this little house. I had to work my ass off to pay all the bills and I almost never had money to do things like shopping or go to the movies. Then Justin came to my school and my life, which wasn't fun at all, turned into a living hell. He started bullying a little by giving names but now he looks like my dad. Whenever he's mad or whatever he starts hitting me. I hate it but everybody is on his side. My old friends? They are devils now. Even my bestfriend turned into a barbiedoll, as I call them. When we were younger we always laughed about the barbiedolls and now she is one of them. Walking through the school with their lipglosses and their pink thuesdays.. Oh how I hate them.


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