Stuck into two worlds

I live two lives. Online and in real life.


4. Omegle.

I felt horrible but I had to stand up. I guess it was around 6 p.m. now. I didn't want to wait on the bus cause I didn't really know how late it would arrive. It would be a long way but it would be better then the long waiting and all the questions the people in the bus would ask me. After 30 minutes of walking I saw a Mcdonalds. My stomach started to make noise and I got pretty hungry. I went inside and got myself two chilli chickens and a strawberry milkshake, I loved strawberry milkshakes! My food was done within 5 minutes so I could eat it on my way back to my house. When I finally came home it was 
07:28. To be honest, I wasn't in te mood to go to school tomorrow. I would just skip some classes, no big deal. I threw my jacket and beanie on the diner table and went straight to my room. I changed into my tiger pyjamas and put music on. Roar started to play and I started to dance while changing, still feeling the pain in my stomach and the tears who were gone by now. I also made a new knot and put the tv on and the music off. There was nothing much on so I just turned it off again and took my laptop. I settled down under my blanket with my laptop on top of me.  I went to twitter but it was super boring. I only follow 29 people and Those are accounts like Girlsfeelings and Beautifulplacesonearth. Then I went to tumblr but it was all the same. I closed my web browser and saw some pop up. It said: "MEET NEW PEOPLE, MAKE AN ACOUNT ON OMEGLE!"
I just went to the site cause I was bored anyways. I made an account and asked for someone to talk to.

Stranger: Hey sexy
Kittycatty: No.
Stranger: What no?
Kittycatty: don't call me like that creep


The basterd must have left the chat, not that I mind. All the chats kind of went like this and I wanted to logg off as soon as possible. I would just talk to one more person. 


Stranger: hey
Kittycatty: helloo
Stranger: How are you?
Kittycatty: Fine

Wow, someone wants to know how I am instead of touching my boobs. 

Stranger: So are you a girl or a boy?
Kittycatty: A girl haha. And you?
Stranger: A boy.
Kittycatty: Okay cool. 
Stranger: haha, I think Omegle will be high again and disconnect so can I get your Msn?

My msn? I didn't even know him? I made the account like a billion years ago and I was never on it.. Let me think what my password was again..

Stranger: Are you still here? You don't have to give it! It was just that you were the only non-sex addicted one I've spoken to haha.


Okay, I was giggling right now. The boy definitely has got a good sense of humour! 

Kittycatty: Sorry, a friend texted me! My msn is
Stranger: great! Mine is
I'll add you within a few seconds.

Then the server disconnected again. I went to Msn and logged in.. Wow! I still knew my password. This boy had already add me. Or he was super super fast or he had put some peppers in his ass. I clicked on the Accept button and he started the conversation. 

Kidraaaaaaauuhl: heyy!
Kittycattyyy: heeeyyy!

Damn, he had no profile pic, neither had I. 

Kidraaaaaaauuhl: So, where were we?
Kittycattyyy: I was just about to ask you what your name was ;-)
Kidraaaaaaauuhl: Haha! Start guessing ;-!
Kittycattyyy: Oh Gosh no. There are a million of names and you want me to start guessing? Hahahahhahaha
Kidraaaaaaauuhl: I'll give you a hint. It's Justin ;-)
Kittycattyyy: hmmm.. It's a difficult one. Is it Henrey? ;-)
Kidraaaaaaauuhl: haha, You're funny, you know that?

Justin. I didn't hate the name but I have to say I was in shock. Out of all the names his had to be Justin? I didn't mind cause I was happy to know that there were also good Justins, not that I knew this boy very well but he seemed ok. My school had like 12 Justins and not one of them was nice to me. My neighborhorhood had two Justins, same age as me but they go to other schools then I do.


Kittycattyyy: yeah, I know. Lmao.
Kidraaaaaaauuhl: Haha, I'm sure you are ;-)! So what's your name?
Kittycattyyy: Catherine but you can call me Cat!
Kidraaaaaaauuhl: love that name!
Kittycattyyy: thanks!
Kidraaaaaaauuhl: So what are your Hobbies Cat?
Kittycatyyy: ehm.. Dancing, drawing, eating haha and singing, although I sound like a dying elephant.
Kidraaaaaaauuhl: aw, you're cute.

Wow, where did that one came from? He never saw me and we've barely spoken to each other. He must be drunk or something.

Kittycattyyy: How should you know? You never met me.
Kidraaaaaaauuhl: Idk. I just know.
Kittycattyyy: okay whatever. What are your hobbies?
Kidraaaaaaauuhl: I hope I didn't make you mad. It was just a compliment you know?
Kittycattyyy: no hard feelings haha. 
Kidraaaaaaauuhl: oke. Well, I love to play Football, Basketball and Hockey. I also love to dance and sing but I suck.

A big smile appeared on my face. We had something in common! I looked at the time and saw it was around 9 now.

Kittycattyyy: Nice hobbies.
Kidraaaaaaauuhl: thank you.
Kidraaaaaaauuhl: lets play 21 questions.
Kittycattyyy: okay!
Kidraaaaaaauuhl: You need to ask the first one!

What should I ask this boy, I mean I didn't want to scare him cause he was the first boy being nice to me since Justin Bieber moved to Atlanta. 

Kittycattyyy: When is your birthday?
Kidraaaaaaauuhl: March 1.
Kidraaaaaaauuhl: How long are you?
Kittycattyyy: Long? You mean short. I guess 5.4 feet? 
Kidraaaaaaauuhl: Haha, shortie ;-)
Kittycattyyy: pff. Then how long are you huh? 
Kidraaaaaaauuhl: 5.6 feet ;-)
Kittycattyyy: heckler. ;)
Kidraaaaaaauuhl: I'm laughing out loud! Guess it won't take ang longer for my mom to come to my room!!!


His mom. I miss my mom, she was always there. Whenever my dad had touched me again she would be there to take care of me. My dad would kill her if she would ever talk to me again. I felt tears forming in my eyes. Some because I missed my mom so much others because someone had finally spoken to me. I mean in like years.

Kidraaaaaaauuhl: Cat? You're still online?
Kittycattyyy: yes.
Kidraaaaaaauuhl: waddupp?
Kittycattyyy: nothing, a little tired.
Kidraaaaaaauuhl: then you should take some rest.
Kittycattyyy: No, it's fun to talk to you.
Kidraaaaaaauuhl: Haha, no! You're mom will kill me if she saw you tomorrow morning with puffiness! I mean, you can't go to school like that princess.
Kidraaaaaaauuhl: Go take some sleep. We can continue tomorrow in the evening?
Kittycattyyy: what did you just call me?
Kidraaaaaaauuhl: princess? I'm sorry if you don't like the nickname!
Kittycattyyy: I love it.
Kittycattyyy: haha, my mom won't be mad at all ;-). But it's ok with me. 
Kidraaaaaaauuhl: glad you love it.
Kidraaaaaaauuhl: around 7? 
Kittycattyyy: that's oke with me!
Kidraaaaaaauuhl: sleepwell princess!
Kittycattyyy: sleepwell Justin! 
Kidraaaaaaauuhl: ;-)

And with that I logged off. This boy was a gift from heaven. Well, it could also be a 40 year old catfish but he seemed like someone around my age. I liked him and the way he called me even though I didn't know him at all, I mean we've just talked to each other for 2 maybe 3 hours. But this could become a friendship. Well, I hoped that it would be become a friendship.
I closed the web browser and put my laptop on my bureau. Then I went downstairs and got myself some Cola and chips. I wasn't tired at all, it was just that he started about my mom. I walked over to my dvd cabinet and started searching. Titanic no, 13 going 30 no, it's a girl boy thing no, no, no, no, no, no and no. Then I finally found the right movie, mean girls. I loved this movie and it was definitely in my top 10 best girl movies. Then I went back to my room, put the dvd in the dvdplayer and placed myself into bed with all my bunnys and pillows around me. After the movie I went to the bathroom and brushed my teeths. Back in bed I started to think about my conversation with this "Justin" and within 10 minutes I was gone. 

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