Stuck into two worlds

I live two lives. Online and in real life.


3. Changed

I finally found a spot in the bus and sat down. I took my earbuds out of my bag and plugged them into my iphone. Then I went to music and started scrolling through my list. Demi Lovato, Skyscraper. It started to play and I looked out of the window. Demi's music always cheers me up. It's almost like she's been through the same crap I've been through. After scyscraper Warrior, never been hurt and made in the Usa started to play. Before I knew it I was at the place I hated more then any other child who hate it, school. I slowly walked out of the bus and waved to the driver, it's a thing of me. I always say 'be nice to everyone.. Except that little jerk of a bieber'. I went to my locker and made sure I had the books I needed for the classes of today. Then I walked into the class and of course I was the first one. I mean, the bell didn't even ring yet. Ofcourse everybody is talking with their friends and they are planning to hang out in the weekend while I'm just being the lonely me, again. Well yeah, life goes on and i'm not going to be sad about something stupid like this. I would have this class with Katie, my ex-bestfriend and her barbiedolls. Well not her barbiedolls cause it was obvious that Raquell was the leader and that every doll wanted to be her. In the name of mother earth, WHY RAQUELL? I mean, I won't call her ugly cause nobody is ugly but she wears so much make-up. If they gave me a tissue I could take so many foundation of her face, it would be so shocking! No offense. And her mascara, it's just gross. And all those stupid girls try to be her. Katie was never like that. She was more like a dork that didn't even knew what the word mascara meant. She used to be bullied but I stood up for her as the good friend I am. What did I get back? Problems. The other girls are Courtney, Sylvana and Jonelyn. Courtney looks exactly like Raquell, the only diffrence is that her hair is curly blonde instead of straight blonde like Raquell's. They both got the same blue eyes and the same thin body with big boobs. Sylvana isn't blonde, she's a brownie. I used to look up at her cause she always did what she wanted and nobody could ever bossy her around, she changed.  Jonelyn is diffrent then the other babriedolls. I'm not saying she's sweet cause she is a barbiedoll but she's very insecure and never bullies me. She's always with the rest, not saying a word. Well, untill Raquell tells her to buy her some lunch or something. It's sad. I hadn't even noticed that the whole class was full of people who were talking with each other and got their books. As usual, everyone sat in pairs of two or three and I was alone. Wonderful. The lesson started and Mrs. Carter, my english teacher, started to talk about our big words test. It will be next lesson which means within a week. "BUT HOW CAN WE LEARN 1500 WORDS WITHIN A WEEK, I MEAN I ALSO NEED TO DO MY NAILS AND STUFF." That voice could only be of my ex-bestfriend trying to impress Raquell by talking about her nails. Oh, how sick they made me. "Well mrs. Lowland if you want to do your nails you should do it, it's not my problem is you get a F! The test wil decide 65% of your end result so I would say: Do your nails, it will help you a lot in the future!" 
The whole class was laughing at this point and Katie went red, as in tomato red. I didn't laugh at all cause I thought this was just to get attention. She looked at the other dolls but they were also laughing. Then something suprisingly happend. She looked at me for help. Like she wanted me to let everyone stop. I just gave her the dirtiest look I had and turned around, not looking at her anymore. Attention who-. No, I couldn't think she was a whore. Yeah, I disliked her but she is not a whore. The next class was Economics and I love economics. I also sat alone but I didn't really care cause I didn't had a connection with anyone in my class. This one was without the barbiedolls but with Chaz. He was one of Justin buddies and currently dating Courtney. Newsflash: He doesn't like her he just uses her for the sex.
After Economics I had a 20 minute pause. I went to the canteen and got a Salad. I went to eat it in the same corner I always sat. It was near by a container and It smelled like poop but I didn't really had another place to sit. Even the nerds wouldn't accept me cause they were scared that justin would also bully them. Sad but true. When I threw my plastic board away I saw Justin and Raquell kissing. It disguisted me and my lips mounded "ewl, grose."
After the pause I had Geography and  frence and both of the subjects went pretty good. It surprised me that Justin hadn't beat me up, yet. He was probably to busy licking Raquells whole face with that frence kiss. Not that I minded cause I loved it when I could go home without trying to take care of myself and the wounds. I went to my locker and took my jacket and put it on. On my way to the busstation, which was only 2 minutes away from school, I didn't saw a Justin which made me feel safe. Just when I thought today would end perfect I felt someone touch my shoulder. "Where are you going babe? I think we two need to talk about something."
While I tried to fight back he made his grip stronger and pulled me to the woods behind the buss stop. "So, Katie told me that you said something about Raquell and I?"
I did what? What the hack did she say? "You mounded "Ew, gross." To her while I was kissing Raquell, didn't you?"
Did I do it to Katie? She must saw this as my payback for english. Without even trying to fight back I took in all the claps in my stomach. Then he just leaved me there like he always did, broken.


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