Kristen is abused by her mother and father. One day when her parents are at work Kristen runs away and bumps into a special someone will he just be a phase in her life or will they stay together forever? READ TO FIND OUT!!!!!!!!!


1. Escape!

                                     KRISTENS POV.

       Kristen get down here now my father yelled. He was the most abusive one out of him and my mother. I slowly ascended the staircase down to the living room where my mother and father were. Kristen we are going to work so don't try any thing stupid or you will be punished got it! my father yelled in my face. Y-yes sir I stuttered in a low voice while looking at the ground. All right sweetie lets go. If your wondering why I haven't tried to run away or call a family member its because I have no family and I have tried to run away but got severely punished. When they left I didn't hear the lock click so I ran to the door and they didn't lock it. I ran as fast as I could to my room grabbed my suite case and packed all my clothes and shoes into the bag grabbed all my toiletries and looked under my parents bed grabbed all the credit cards and money and ran out of the house. I got into my parents other car and drove to the airport. When I got there I ran to the front desk and asked for the next ticket to London. 25 minutes the lady said I think her name was ally anyways I grabbed my ticket and boarded on the plane. Since I had a lot of money I rode first class on the 8 hour and 5 minute ride to London. 

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