Magic Isn't What It Seems (One Direction not famous)

This story is about two girls called Violet and Jade. They went to the same play-school and primary school. But one morning they wake up to fine a surprise...


2. Two Weeks Later

Two weeks after school had finished it was another normal day. I woke up, stretched, walked to the bathroom, got in the shower, and all the other things you would do in the morning. I was putting my mascara on when I saw something rather odd. My eyes had changed colour!. I took a closer look (just to see exactly what had happened) and I almost screamed. Yes my eyes had turned a darkish green. My eyes are normally brown! I grabbed my phone, scrolled down my contacts to find Violet. I text her exactly what had happened, she replied:

What???? And you know my eyes are usually a blueish-purple.

My eyes are know violet!


I was shocked my best friend has had the same problem as me! I ran downstairs to my dad and showed him.

"Ahh. This is very rare."(Dad)

"What do you mean rare?"(Me)

"You know all the stories I tolled you when you were little?"(Dad)

"The ones about witches and wizards, then yes"(Me)

"Good and I told you one time that the most powerful witches and wizards had glowing eyes when they cast spells and were so advanced they didn't need wands. I think you maybe one of them."(Dad)

"WHAT!!!??? I am a WITCH??!! That means Violet is one too. Her eyes have turned a violet colour! I'll text her right now"(Me)

"Wait. One other thing. Those stories were true. And I was a wizard. Not an advanced one though"(Dad)

"Okay now can I tell Vi?"(Me)


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