Magic Isn't What It Seems (One Direction not famous)

This story is about two girls called Violet and Jade. They went to the same play-school and primary school. But one morning they wake up to fine a surprise...


3. The Letter

After calming down over the past 24 hours I felt better and thought it must be okay to be a witch. And then the postman came. Dad rushed to the door and picked up the letters. He called me downstairs and handed me a letter. It had my name and address written in green inc. I turned it over to find a stamp, yet again green. I looked confused. I asked my dad if this was the school I would be going to. He just told me to open it and find out.

I took out the letter inside. I started to read it and it read:

Dear Jade Green

I am pleased to inform you that you have been accepted at Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry.

WHAT?! I read on and it said when term started and when the first holiday was. I ran to my dad and showed him the letter and he said that we had better go to a place called Diagon Ally to buy all the things I needed for this new school. Just then the door bell rang I answered it and there stood Violet she had the same letter as I did just with her name on it.

"So you got a letter as-well I see"(Me)

"Yes, I mean what you got one too? This is amazing we could both go shopping together"(Violet)

"Yes we could dad can we go? We need to got our stuff if term starts in 4 weeks haven't we"(Me)

"Ok, what do you need? It says at the bottom of the list you can take an electronic thing (1 or 2) as well as your school stuff. Ok lets go I'll tell the other half to tell your mum Violet that we are going shopping"(My Dad)


Sorry for the short chapters I am working on it chapter 4 is coming soon!!! ;D

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